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Special Collection

The Healthy Homes and Neighbourhoods integrated health and social care initiative

Collection launched: 25 Jul 2019

Healthy Homes and Neighbourhoods is an Australian integrated health and social care initiative for people, families and communities. Initially designed for families with children and young people, the project later expanded to offer an integrated health and social care approach for all peoples and their communities.

The project design arose from the critical realist translation of earlier social epidemiology research. Critical realist approaches were used not only to inform the research and design phase but also later implementation, evaluation, and sustained improvement cycles within Sydney Australia.

This special collection seeks to support the dissemination and learnings from the Project. The initial three papers describe the critical realist methodology used to translate an earlier social epidemiology research to an intervention design. That translation was undertaken in collaboration with local communities and interagency stakeholders. The evaluation protocol for Health Homes and Neighbourhoods is also described. That evaluation protocol seeks to apply a critical realist approach to the UK MRC advice on evaluation of complex interventions and methods drawn from both implementation and improvement science.

The work described here is also linked to four IFIC Special Interest Groups:

  • Evidence-based Integrated Care
  • Realist, Design and Evaluation
  • Health and Social Care
  • Children, Young People and their Families