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Special Collection

iCOACH. Implementing Integrated Care for Older Adults with Complex Health Needs

Collection launched: 27 Jun 2017
Health and social care systems across the world are being challenged to meet the needs of an increasing number of people aging with multiple complex health and social needs. Integrated community based primary health care (ICBPHC) has been associated with better population level outcomes and lower system level costs and may be well suited to address the increasingly complex needs of populations; however implementation of ICBPHC faces many challenges. In this issue, we report on a large international research team collaborating to complete 9 interdisciplinary case studies, focused on the implementation of ICBPHC. The research team consists of patients and carers, clinicians, policymakers, and researchers. Exemplary cases of organizations that have successfully integrated CBPHC from Ontario, Quebec and New Zealand were studied using a mixed-method case study approach focusing on 4 analytic levels: Patient/carer, health care providers, organizations, and policies. The key question is “What are the steps to implementing innovative integrated community-based primary health care models that address the health and social needs of older adults with complex care needs?” and will be answered in three phases. The final output of the program will be a comprehensive guide to the design, implementation and scaling-up of innovative models of ICBPHC. Edited by Nick Goodwin, Tim Kenealy, and Walter P Wodchis