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Special Collection

Different contexts, similar challenges. SUSTAIN’s experiences with improving integrated care in Europe.

Collection launched: 26 Jun 2020

In 2019, we finalized a four-year EU-funded research project on integrated care for older people called ‘SUSTAIN’. The SUSTAIN project was designed to support the development of integrated care for older people living at home with health and social care needs. Its objectives were twofold:

  1. 1. To support and monitor improvements to established integrated care initiatives and
  2. 2. To contribute to the adoption and application of such improvements to other health and social care systems and regions in Europe.
  3. The project has generated lots of insights into and experiences with integrated care implementation and evaluation. This special IJIC issue on SUSTAIN features six papers based on these lessons learned, covering a variety of aspects of integrated care, including the implementation of activities to improve integrated care, the exploration of experiences of different stakeholders with integrated care, and the evaluation of integrated care.