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Reading: ICPs as an enabler of transformation towards integrated care


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Poster Abstracts

ICPs as an enabler of transformation towards integrated care


Elena Urizar ,

Deusto Business School Health, ES
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Massimiliano Panella,

European Pathway Association, Belgium and University of Eastern Piedmont, IT
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Carles Blay,

Medicine Faculty at Vic University, ES
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Ornela Bardhi

Marie Curie PhD Fellow, ES
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Background: The implementation of Integrated Care poses many challenges at a macro, meso and micro level. This workshop aims to explore the role that a proven intervention like Integrated Care Pathways is playing in advancing cultural and organizational transformation towards integrated care.

Worldwide there are a plethora of ICPs implementation initiatives offering a great opportunity for knowledge exchange and cross-boundaries learning, but the latest studies show a high degree of variability in the implementation of ICPs.

Aims and Objectives: The Aim of this workshop is to offer the ICIC 2019 audience an opportunity to hear from the latest international advances on ICPs implementation and to reflect upon collectively.

Specific objectives are:

- To share the state-of-the-art evidence on ICPs

- To present the latest analysis of ICPs implementation, variability, challenges and key learnings

- To present key findings from a best practice intervention of ICPs implementation at a systemic level in Spain

- To present key findings and understandings from an ICPs case study with cancer patients at a hospital in Ireland

- To access an innovative example of ICPs technology-based implementation in cancer patients

- To debate on the future role of research in ICPS as a technology to promote Integrated Care and inform practice

- To inspire reflection on the crossroads between ICPs and Chronic Care, Population Health Management and healthcare prevention

- To allow discussion on effective ways to engage patients participation in ICPs developments

Format: The proposed format for the workshop consists of a 60 minutes session as part of the main conference stream. The workshop intends to be a step in the ongoing process of reflection on ICPs research, implementation improvement, performance analysis and patient engagement.

Timings and speakers:

15 minutes. Massimiliano Panella (Italy).  President of the European Pathway Association.

Latest international evidence on ICPs implementation.

15 minutes.  Carles Blay (Spain). Family Physician, ex-director of ICP strategy in Catalunya and Director of Medicine Faculty at Vic University.

Key learnings from ICPs implementation in Spain

15 minutes. Ornela Bardhi (Albania). Marie Curie PhD Fellow at Cancer: Activating Technology for Connected Health.

Understanding and mapping the Patient Journey in Cancer.

15 minutes. Open debate and conclusions.

Coordinated by Elena Urizar, Deusto Business School Health.

Target audience: Healthcare organization managers, policy makers, decision makers and implementation teams and researchers in the field of ICPs and integrated care.

Learnings/Take away: The output of the roundtable will be relevant for informing research and practice on key aspects to improve ICPs implementation and on finding ways to include patient’s participation in the development of ICPs.


How to Cite: Urizar E, Panella M, Blay C, Bardhi O. ICPs as an enabler of transformation towards integrated care. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):635. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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