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Reading: CHRODIS+: Implementing good practices and tools across EU


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CHRODIS+: Implementing good practices and tools across EU


Antonio Sarría-Santamera1 ,

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Ane Fullaondo2,

Kronikgune, ES
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Rokas Navickas,

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Marina Maggini,

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Jelka Zalatel

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Background: The gap between research findings and existing clinical practice is well documented and a range of effective interventions for improving implementation outcomes has been developed. Further spread of effective innovation across different healthcare settings is driven by an obvious necessity but is associated with significant challenges. CHRODIS+ is a Joint Action which aims, in its second phase, to implement practices and recommendations identified during the first phase. The implementation will take place in a cross-country manner.

Aims and Objectives: The workshop will cover three objectives:

Provide an overview of CHRODIS+ project

Present the implementation strategy that has been developed by the consortium

Identify how it has been applied in different settings and focus

Discuss learnings that could be shared of the different implementation processes

Format: Total duration: 90 minutes. Speakers will have 70 minutes for their presentations, followed by 20 min for a final joint discussion based on this schedule:



0 min

Welcome to the   workshop

Chair: Antonio Sarría-Santamera. ISCIII. Coordinator   CHRODIS+

This talk will provide an overview of the project,   aims and main activities.

8 min

“CHRODIS+ Implementation   Strategy”

Ane Fullaondo. Kronikgune

This talk will describe the phases and key elements of the   Implementation Strategy that has been proposed by the consortium.

30 min

“Improving multi-morbidity care”

Rokas Navickas. VULSK.

This talk will describe the process followed to implement the MMIC in   3 countries.

50 min

“Fostering quality of care for people   with chronic diseases”

Marina Maggini. ISS

Jelka Zaletel. NIJZ

This talk will describe how the process followed to implement the QCR   tool in 3 countries.

70 min

Joint   discussion

Participants:   Speakers and audience will discuss the main findings of the work conducted.

Target audience: People and organizations engaged in implementing good practices to transform health care delivery.

Learnings/Take away: What are the main challenges and opportunities for implementing innovative practices in health care.

What are the potential drivers for the long term sustainability of the process of transforming the delivery of health care.

How to Cite: Sarría-Santamera1 A, Fullaondo2 A, Navickas R, Maggini M, Zalatel J. CHRODIS+: Implementing good practices and tools across EU. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):585. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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