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Reading: Sig realist research design and evaluation, methods workshop


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Sig realist research design and evaluation, methods workshop


John Eastwood

SIG Lead Realist Research Design and Evaluation; Sydney Local Health District, AU
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Background: Realist research methodology is increasingly being used for the design and evaluation of integrated care initiatives. Much of current realist research and evaluation is qualitative in nature and yet many realist methodologists, including Pawson, Tilley, Sayer and Olsen, have argued for the use of mixed methods. There remains much debate regarding the role of quantitative methods, including statistics, within a critical realist philosophical framework.

For many realist researchers the use of quantitative methods is both a philosophical and methodological stumbling block. Yet quantitative methods can contribute to realist theory building,, design and theory testing through their ability to use observable events to infer the existence of underlying mechanisms and to detect changes in both context and outcomes.

Aims and Objectives:

1- To examine debates about the use of quantitative methods in realist research and evaluation, either as part of a mixed-method design or on their own.

2- To demonstrate the use of realist quantitative methods for both integrated care design and evaluation

Format: 90 minutes, one speaker and facilitator, Group work at tables using problem-based learning. Discussion, debate and learning resources.

Target Audience: Integrated care design and evaluation practitioners and researchers. Qualitative and quantitative researchers. Mixed methodologists.

Learning and Takeaway: Increased understanding of how quantitative methods can be appropriately used with realist methodology.

Introduction to the use of advanced quantitative methods for design and evaluation of integrated care initiatives including latent class analysis, latent variable pathways, and discontiuity quasiexperimental designs.

How to Cite: Eastwood J. Sig realist research design and evaluation, methods workshop. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):502. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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