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Reading: Seville, compassionate city


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Seville, compassionate city


Cristina Castillo Rodríguez

New Health Foundation, ES
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In 2016, New Health Foundation launched the “All with you” project in Seville (Spain), with the aim of sensitizing and mobilising people on the issue of compassion and the caring for others who were at the end of life. The project is based on “All with you Methodology®” to develop compassionate communities and cities. It has grown to provide a sound alternative model of integrated care and is now becoming a public health strategy by getting into the Local Public Health Plan of the city of Seville.

Gradually, the project consolidated an integrated model of care by which our Community Promoter works side-by-side with health professionals, (GPs, nurses, palliative care specialists) and social services professionals (from the local council), who sit together every week at a Case Management Committee, review cases and apply 'REDCUIDA Protocol for the development and management of networks of care and compassionate communities around people with advanced diseases or at the end of life”. At ICIC19, we will describe and analyse the key elements of this integrated care model and how it is expanding from people at the end of life to include advanced chronic patients as well.

At present, the Project is moving forward to being incorporated into the Local Public Health Plan of the city of Seville, under the leadership of the local authority. At ICIC19, we will present the scope of this fascinating evolution of the project. 

Put simply, the project aims to ensure that everyone experiences a good death. It relies on the 3 assumptions: (i) the current costs of end-of-life care, in terms of both human suffering and financial resources, are unacceptably high; (ii) It is necessary to align the incentives of all agents and the public around end-of-life care; (iii) the community is the strongest lever for transforming health care organisations.


49 organizations that collaborate actively with the Project.

83 people who face end of life and have participated in the intervention project and study “circles of care”, receiving companionship through the Project.

51 awareness campaigns with a total of 7.088 people who participate.

53 training programs with a total of 1.339 trained people.

At ICIC19, we will show how we are currently working on all three dimensions of the project: continuing to “win hearts and souls”; co-delivering integrated care through a sound model of care provision; working alongside others as part of the local health strategy.

The Project speaks to the current debate at the heart of the integrated care agenda on the notion of integrated care gradually recognises the need to take a more population-oriented approach and how to break up the silos between public health interventions, care provision and the role of the community (Goodwin and Ferrer 2017).

All with You: a new method for developing compassionate communities—experiences in Spain and Latin-America. Ann Palliat Med 2018;7(Suppl 1):AB004. Autor: Librada Flores S, Herrera Molina E, Boceta Osuna J, Mota Vargas R, Nabal.

How to Cite: Castillo Rodríguez C. Seville, compassionate city. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):411. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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