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Reading: The omis room: integrated care experiences across spain


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The omis room: integrated care experiences across spain


Arturo Alvarez-rosete

New Health Foundation, ES
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Introduction: As part of the non-for-profit institution the NewHealth Foundation, the Spanish Observatory on Integrated Care ) is a private initiative to provide leadership and translate knowledge to developing integrated care in Spain. The OMIS seeks to: (i) identify best practices and make visible existing efforts to coordinate health and social care; (ii) produce independent, systematic and rigorous analyses of best practices and future trends on integrated care in Spain. At September 2018, there are 66 integrated care experiences already registered at the OMIS.

The OMIS room at ICIC16 Barcelona.

The OMIS organized a thematic space (“the OMIS room”) at the ICIC16 in Barcelona, which was a great success in terms of participation and visibility of all the integrated care experiences presented there: a selection of 25 integrated care experiences registered at the OMIS from all over Spain were presented; oral presentations were given at the room; the I meeting of the regional decision-makers responsible for advancing integrated care in their autonomous communities; etc.

Proposal for ICIC19 San Sebastián.

Following the success of the ICIC16, the OMIS would be extremely grateful to organise a thematic space (“the OMIS room”) at the ICIC19 at San Sebastian, lasting during the entire duration of the Conference, to host a number of initiatives, including:

Between 20-25 new experiences would be displayed in the conference poster format.

During breaks, the authors of the experiences displayed would be invited to chat informally and explain their projects and approaches to integrated care.

the launch of the first integrated care journal in Spanish.

the presentation of the 2018 OMIS report on integrated care in Spain.

host other conference sessions (i.e. sessions related to palliative and end of life care, compassionate communities, etc.).

hold lunch sessions for the OMIS partners to present their initiatives and current work to move the integrated care agenda forward in Spain and Latin America (Colombia, in particular). 

- Please, note that the OMIS room is not intended to be an area for Spaniards only and thus the language to be used during presentations and meetings will be that of the ICIC conference- English.  

Expected Benefits: To incentivise the attendance of the authors of the experiences registered in the OMIS and their managers.

To contribute to raising the profile of the Congress before potential Spanish sponsors (including the OMIS current and forthcoming partners). 

To support and enhance the Spanish integrated care agenda in Spain and Latin America as well as to share with others the exciting momentum of this agenda. 

 Logistics: A sufficiently ample room to host between 20-30 posters, permanently available through the duration of the conference.

Special discounted conference rates for the registered experiences to incentivise their attendance to the Conference.

How to Cite: Alvarez-rosete A. The omis room: integrated care experiences across spain. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):308. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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