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The New Health Foundation method for transforming the provision of care to people living with complex chronic conditions: NEWCARE©


Estrella Guerrero ,

New Health Foundation, ES
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Rafael Mota,

New Health Foundation, ES
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Arturo Alvarez

New Health Foundation, ES
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Introduction: The Spanish NGO New Health Foundation supports organizations in their transformation towards delivering integrated health and social care and the community. New Health Foundation has assembled the best available knowledge, identifying and distilling lessons from successful Spanish and international examples registered at the Spanish Observatory on Integrated Care (OMIS) to create novel care methods, in particular for palliative care (NEWPALEX©) and for complex chronic care (NEWCARE©).

Description of practice change implemented: NEWCARE© provides a systematic process to assist organizations in achieving integration during the provision of care to people living with complex chronic conditions and a reduction of costs as a secondary outcome.  It builds upon the latest innovations in quality methodology, our experience with NEWPALEX© and the knowledge gathered through the OMIS.

Targeted Population: NEWCARE© targets “high needs, high cost” patients, with emphasis on those suffering from organ failure, dementia and severe mental illness. At the conference, we will focus on presenting the work with people with organ failures and high dependency.

Timeline: NEWCARE© is designed to help transform the organization within 18 months, from the moment of conducting the baseline (a structured analysis of the existing care burden and the current service response) to the granting of a quality award of care excellence according to the New Health Foundation standards. 

Highlights: The presentation will describe the key features of the NEWCARE© methodology including:

Patient-centredness: care organised around the needs of the patients and their families.

Community enhancement: circles of care are formed by the extended family, friends, neighbours and volunteers.

Intersectoral coordination: health services, social care services, and the community come together through coordination committees, case-management and promoters of integrated care roles, etc.

Care delivery model: the care pathway seeks the agreement among all care providers and the health insurer to pursue common goals and objectives. Newcare-IOCC aligns with the insurer´s health promotion strategies as well as with its different chronic diseases programs; and connects with NewPalex to ensure the transition to palliative care program.

Organisational innovation: the method facilitates strategies and tools for transforming organisations through change management; it changes the  insurer-provider relationships by introducing new financial mechanisms; etc.

Societal innovation: compassion is the key.

Comments on sustainability: Upon completion of the process, the host organization is left with systems in place to maintain its integration efforts, strengthen its internal and external relationships, monitor key indicators and promote staff involvement and open communication. 

Comments on Transferability: The method is a tool to help organisations transform towards the delivery of the best possible care: thus, it aims to be transferred to other settings and policy contexts.

Conclusions and lessons learned: NEWCARE© is already being implemented in a Colombian health insurance organisation with a focus on patients with chronic organ failure (Newcare-IOCC by its initials in Spanish, Insuficiencia Orgánica Crónica Compleja). At the conference, we will share insights of how this organisation is progressing, its preliminary results and which challenges as well as enablers are being encountered.

How to Cite: Guerrero E, Mota R, Alvarez A. The New Health Foundation method for transforming the provision of care to people living with complex chronic conditions: NEWCARE©. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):272. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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