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Reading: Competences for population health management


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Competences for population health management


Marc Bruijnzeels ,

Leiden University Medical School, NL
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Mattijs Numans,

Leiden University Medical School, NL
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Josefien de Bruin

Leiden University Medical School, NL
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Background: Population Health Management (PHM) is growing in attention. For our new master’s program at Leiden University Medical School ‘Population Health Management’ we needed to support the need for population health management experts in the future labor force in order to get the eduction funded by the governement. There should be enough employment opportunities for the graduates in the domestic and international future workforce. To determine for which kind of jobs these students are educated, a competence profile could be very helpful. This competence profile is lacking.  The current competence profiles of medicine, public health, epidemiology or health sciences do not focus on the interplay of medicine, health data science and governance: from all competence profiles parts could be needed in PHM.

Aims and Objectives: In this workshop we aim to develop with each other a first outline for a competence profile for PHM experts.


0-15:outline, context and clarification of the workshop. Speaker: Marc Bruijnzeels. What is the future work arena for a PHM expert?

15-: Which tasks are specific for a PHM expert?

A preliminary list of specific PHM-tasks is given. In small groups the audience discusses with each other for which tasks specific PHM competences are needed that are currently missing or dispersed over too many people. With electronic support, the results of the small groups are gathered centrally and a list of specific PHM-expert tasks arise.

45-75: ‘which are the broad competence categories’.

Based on the first discussion on tasks, with the group competences will be formulated for these specific tasks. A first preliminary outline of the competences supported by a competence template is given. In small groups two questions will be addressed:

1- Are these the various competence categories? Is it complete? Which categories are missing? (25 minutes)

2- Which categories are most important for PHM-experts? The results will be electronically recorded per individual. (5 minutes)

75-90    Overview and discussion of this first result with the question: given the competences formulated is a specific education needed for PHM?  Speaker: Marc Bruijnzeels

Target audience: Employers of future PHM-experts: health care organisations, payers of health care, policy makers at local, regional, national and international level, educational and research institutes

Learnings/Take away: The participants will leave with a broad outline of the competence profile of PHM-experts. They have learned that the specific combination of needed knowledge, skills, attitude and personality is not evident in health care professionals. They go home with an impression whether for the implementation of PHM more attention in the education of future health care professionals for PHM is needed, not only for PHM-experts but in all health care education.

How to Cite: Bruijnzeels M, Numans M, de Bruin J. Competences for population health management. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):249. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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