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Reading: Face up to frailty - advantage ja


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Face up to frailty - advantage ja


Mandy Andrew ,

NHS Lanarkshire, GB
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Ines García-Sánchez,

NHS Lanarkshire, GB
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Anne Hendry,

NHS Lanarkshire, GB
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Cinzia Giammarchi

NHS Lanarkshire, GB
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Background: The Face up to Frailty campaign is evolving from the EU Joint Action on Frailty ‘A comprehensive approach to promote a disability-free Advanced age in Europe: the ADVANTAGE JA initiative’. 

Purpose: Our aim is to create the conditions to support the person centred engagement and co-production of a Face up to Frailty campaign with narrative from people who have lived experience of frailty, their families and unpaid carers. Generating messages for use by policy leads, advocates, professionals, and cross sector organisations implementing their frailty approach.

This approach has been tested through a workshop in Madrid December 2018with calls to action to contribute to the European campaign which aims to:

Raise awareness of the impact of frailty for individuals, families, communities and systems

Support people to share their stories about living with frailty

Influence policy leaders and commissioners about what they can do to improve lives

Help people from all sectors to understand  what they can do to prevent and manage frailty

Build readiness for a decade of active ageing aligned with the WHO Strategy and action plan

Aims and Objectives: The workshop builds on the successful ICIC18 frailty workshop series through ADVANTAGE JA shared learning and legacy building.

Workshop participants will be introduced to ADVANTAGE JA and the Face Up to Frailty concept and campaign. We will use interactive world café methodology and appreciative inquiry approach to facilitate small group discussions. Explore how they can develop and share messages, stories and pictures through their frailty development to promote a positive perspective on older people and a better understanding of their wealth of experience and life skills.

Participants will have: A space for open, honest, values based reflection on their current engagement with people with lived experience, their families and carers and how this influences their approach to frailty.

An opportunity to explore the Face Up to Frailty Campaign and mould to their context.

Greater understanding on the approach to engagement and co-production

Time for peer learning their engagement experiences, successes and challenges.

Opportunity to draft their approach to their Face Up to Frailty action plan / pledge

Format (timings, speakers, discussion, group work etc.)  90 minutes workshop

Welcome and introductions from session Chair 5m

‘How do you involve the voice of lived experience in your context? 5m

ADVANTAGE JA Frailty Roadmap key messages  5m

Face Up to Frailty  2m             

Facilitated group work  40m

Commitments to action - Participants will consider how they will apply the learning and share their commitments / develop their Face Up to Frailty pledges 15m 

Target audience: Policy makers, advocacy groups, organisational leaders and managers, health and social care professionals, regulators, commissioners, patients, unpaid carers as well as researchers engaged in integrated care.

Learnings / take away: Understanding of ADVANTAGE JA and Face Up to Frailty approaches and resources: http://advantage/eu

Develop their own Face Up to Frailty pledges

Practical insight into how to engage and involve people and communities as equal partners

Sign up to IFIC Preventing and Managing Frailty Special Interest Group and Integrated Care Matters webinar series.

How to Cite: Andrew M, García-Sánchez I, Hendry A, Giammarchi C. Face up to frailty - advantage ja. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):223. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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