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Reading: Enabling transformation of health and social care integration


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Enabling transformation of health and social care integration


Sarah Forster ,

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, GB
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Audrey Birt,

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, GB
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Anne Hendry

NHS Lanarkshire, GB
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Background: The role of the Health and Social Care Academy (the Academy), a programme of the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, is to drive transformational change in Scotland’s health and social care system, led by people living with long term conditions, disabled people and unpaid carers.

The Academy co-created ‘Five Provocations for the Future of Health and Social Care’ (‘courageous leadership’, ‘nurturing transformation’, ‘emphasising humanity’, ‘target culture’ and ‘ceding power’) through a Think Tank that brought together a cross section of Scottish society including third and independent sector leaders; leaders from across the public sector and people who use health and social care services.

Following publication of the Think Tank report, participants were keen to identify and establish mechanisms through which they could translate these Five Provocations into actions to change policy and practice and improve the experience of those who receive or provide care and support. Feedback from health and social care stakeholders concluded that support was needed to enable the Five Provocations to pervade service redesign and organisational development activity.

In response, the Academy co-designed an interactive tool to bring the Provocations to life in a real time situation. The ‘Unfold the Future’ Toolkit helps teams to challenge their thinking and empowers individuals, teams and organisations to apply person centred, value based actions to transform the experience and quality of care.

Aims and Objectives: Workshop participants will be introduced to the Toolkit using a facilitated experimental approach to illustrate how to apply the process of the Toolkit. Participants will have:

Space for open, honest, values based reflection on where integrated care is within their own context.

An opportunity to explore how to use this Toolkit to enhance their own transformational change process.

Time to learn from others about the successes and challenges they have experienced in creating shared cultures and values for integrated care.

Format (timings, speakers, discussion, group work etc): 90 minutes workshop

Welcome and introductions from Chair  (5 mins) Anne Hendry

Integration landscape in Scotland and role of the Academy (10 mins)  Sarah Forster

Five Provocations and ‘Unfold the Future’ Toolkit (20 mins) Sarah Forster

Facilitated group work - The facilitator will enable a participative exercise in which individuals (or teams if they are in the workshop) will identify where they are now with regard to integration of care in their context. They will exchange insights and identify the potential focus for applying the Toolkit in their work.  (.40 mins) Audrey Birt

Commitments to action - Participants will consider how they will apply the learning from the facilitated session and share their commitments to action. (15 mins) Audrey Birt

Target audience: Policy makers, advocacy groups, organisational leaders and managers, health and social care professionals, regulators, commissioners, patients, unpaid carers as well as researchers engaged in integrated care.

Learnings/take away: Improved understanding of co-design and creative approaches in action

Practical insight into how to engage and involve people and communities as equal partners

Ideas about how to influence a cultural shift to person centred integrated care

How to Cite: Forster S, Birt A, Hendry A. Enabling transformation of health and social care integration. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):182. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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