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Reading: Integrated Inspection Teams


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Integrated Inspection Teams


Kees Reedijk

Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd (Health and Youth Care inspectorate, NL
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Integrated inspection teams supervising in the social domain

Introduction: As one the recent reforms in the Dutch health- and social care system governmental supervision has been redesigned and shifted its focus from the traditional more silo bound and compliance driven inspection to an integrated and problem orientated inspection. Five Dutch governmental based inspectorates joint up in a programed effort to develop and implement an integrated inspection framework that is used by specially set up joint inspections teams in order to supervise the delivery of integrated health- and sociale care.

Description of policy context and objective: As an objective of this reform and result of their efforts the five inspectorates had to be able to operate in a more joint effort and shared approach to supervise the quality of various health and social services and give a sound and comprehensive assessment of the way these services cooperate to solve and prevent problems. In the more practical sense this means that these inspectorates had to shift their attention and approach from a focus on policy areas to a focus on the life cycle of clients, patients and families. A further shift was from a single services focus to chains/networks of services and from output to outcome orientation. The practical results were to develop inspection frameworks and team integration of inspectors that were more fit for purpose than the traditional ones given the ongoing integration in health and social care and the rise of complex care issues.

Targeted population: The focus of this integrated inspection approach is on persistent and serious health and social problems and issues such as child abuse, obesity, juvenile crime, school drop-out rates, addiction and poverty. Targeted specially on vulnerable people like multi-problem families and chosen from local areas were these families and their problems are relatively most dominant.

Highlights: Development and implementation of a framework for integrated inspection and setting up integrated inspections teams and develop the necessary routines an instruments that fit this new integrated and problem solving approach. The reform has proven to be successful and promising in turning around the traditional approach of the five inspectorates involved. It started initially with a focus on problems of young people (from 0 to 18 years) and their families but the integrated approach of inspection is now broaden to people of all ages and the whole of the social domain in the Netherlands.

Comments and transferability: The approach on integrated inspection and integrate inspection teams is transferable to other countries and their inspectorates or to other actors that perform similar tasks inspectors do. E.g. quality assessment or quality assurance or actors that have a remit as regulators. The approach is not bound to inspectorates on a governmental levels. So transfer is also feasible to more local leveled or locally operating inspectorates or regulators."

How to Cite: Reedijk K. Integrated Inspection Teams. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):48. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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