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Practicing what we preach about coproduction - the role of a Lived Experience Panel in quality improvement work


Wendy Lewis ,

Advancing Quality Alliance, GB
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Sheelagh Machin

Advancing Quality Alliance, GB
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Background: AQuA is an NHS organisation working with providers and commissioners of health and social care in North West England.

AQuA has demonstrated commitment to the role of experience of care and engagement of patients’ in evaluating and improving healthcare since 2013. This led to the development our Lived Experience Panel.  The panel comprises  people with current experience of health and social care. Their role is evolving as we develop our understanding and commitment. The panel have been supported in their development with coaching and training.

The panel is accepted and valued by AQuA and membership organisations and their skills utilised to shape and develop coproduced improvement activity

They have developed into an active team and have corporate roles as well as at programme level and consultancy. A key milestone for the panel was achieving  executive level engagement and commitment towards the complex work required to influence corporate culture, and embed coproduction in performance metrics .              

This enabled the panel to influence improvement work from design through to delivery and evaluation.

Over time there has been a shift in the panel’s focus from exploring the contribution of patient experience and engagement to supporting and promoting co-design, coproduction and person centred care

Activities within our work include designing and delivering training, engagement activities, and roles on steering groups.

AQuA members are now recognising the work of panel with specific requests for work of the panel around transformation of services and development of staff.

Our next planned steps is to develop a pool of lived experience affiliates for AQUA who will support  more health and social care organisations to develop lived experience into their strategic plans, and QI activity through  mentoring roles and the continued development support.

A principle aim is to support the engagement and empowerment of people to become partners in care, moving from theory to practice and learning from people´s experience

By supporting how systems understand shared values the panel seeks to enable cultural shift towards a more collaborative approach. A key role in this is supporting system leaders to define measures that matter to people

Aims and Objectives:

Describe the panel development

Discuss the relationships required for coproduction

Explore the work of the panel in coproduction and quality improvement in whole system transformation

Discuss opportunities and challenges of coproduction.

Format: 5      

Target audience: This work is of interest to all leaders, staff and patients committed to embedding coproduction within the services they deliver, teach or commission.

 Learnings/Take away: Coproduction in improvement isn’t always easy but reaps great benefits

Top tips and tools that we’ve found useful

How to Cite: Lewis W, Machin S. Practicing what we preach about coproduction - the role of a Lived Experience Panel in quality improvement work. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2019;19(4):28. DOI:
Published on 08 Aug 2019.


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