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Reading: Integrated Care Search: Adding Value to the Search Filter


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Integrated Care Search: Adding Value to the Search Filter


Suzanne Lewis ,

Central Coast Local Health District, AU
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Jennifer Tieman,

Flinders University, AU
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Raechel Damarell,

Flinders University, AU
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Camilla Trenerry

Flinders University, IT
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Introduction: Integrated care IC is a multifaceted concept, with a vast range of overlapping terminologies. Bibliometric analyses have demonstrated the evidence base for IC is diffuse. Peer-reviewed research is published in a range of journals which are indexed in bibliographic databases with subject coverage extending beyond health. A significant amount of relevant IC literature is found outside conventional publishing channels in the grey literature. Thus, practitioners and researchers face significant challenges to finding relevant IC literature.

To address the issues associated with retrieving integrated care literature, an IC search filter, badged as Integrated Care Search ICS, was developed.  A search filter is an evidence-based search strategy with a known level of retrieval effectiveness. Various “value adding” products were also developed to enhance the effectiveness and usability of the search filter.

Methods:  Following a well-established experimental methodology [1], and informed by bibliometric analyses and consultation with an established Expert Advisory Group EAG, ICS was developed and validated for use in PubMed. Additionally, a research librarian translated the validated search filter for use in other databases, and developed a guide for searching the grey literature for content relevant to IC. Finally, input from the EAG was solicited via survey to guide the development of relevant topic searches to be combined with the search filter to further refine results.

Results:   Given the challenges associated with IC literature retrieval, two versions of the validated search filter were developed. ICS Narrow enables more precise searching, whereas ICS Broad enables more sensitive searching. Supplementary topic searches covering care settings, populations, geographic regions and facets of IC are provided, to enable more focused searching by end-users. Both search filters were translated for use in other databases including: Medline Ovid, Embase Ovid, PsycINFO Ovid, CINAHL EBSCOhost, Cochrane Library Wiley, Scopus, Web of Science, and ProQuest. Finally, step-by-step instructions for searching for relevant IC grey literature were developed.These products are available on an interim site, and it is planned that they will be moved to the IFIC website in time for launch at ICIC18.

Discussion: ICS and its associated value-adding products provide end users with the ability to locate  difficult-to-retrieve published and unpublished IC literature.

Conclusions: A flexible approach to database searching using a combination of keyword and subject headings is required for optimal retrieval of the published IC literature across a range of databases.

Lessons learned: The polymophous nature of IC necessitated the development of not one but two validated search filters, and an additional suite of products, including guidance for IC grey literature retrieval.

Limitations: The envisioned functionality of the search filters has not been fully achieved, as they are currently hosted on an interim site.

Suggestions for future research: Further research studies could include an evaluation of the impact of Integrated Care Search on end-user satisfaction with retrievals and search confidence.


1- Tieman JJ, Lawrence MA, Damarell RA, Sladek RM, Nikolof A. fast tracking access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health literature. Australian Health Review. 2014;385:541-5. doi:10.1071/ah14019. 

How to Cite: Lewis S, Tieman J, Damarell R, Trenerry C. Integrated Care Search: Adding Value to the Search Filter. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2018;18(s2):382. DOI:
Published on 23 Oct 2018.


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