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Reading: Mobile Health strategies to integ rate health and social care: A system perspective


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Mobile Health strategies to integ rate health and social care: A system perspective


Tino Martí ,

TicSalut, ES
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Donna Henderson,

NHS 24, Scotland, GB
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Jordi Martinez,

TicSalut, ES
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Andrea Pavlikova,

NHS 24, Scotland, GB
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Joan Carles Contel

TicSalut, ES
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Mobile health technologies have been widely adopted and popular. Most applications are stand-alone solutions that do not interoperate with official health information systems.

Moreover, health systems are struggling to integrated mobile health innovations in their care process. From a system perspective, one may consider that a tantamount opportunity to improve better health and social care is being missed.

Overall, this workshop aims to explore how diverse health systems are tackling health and care innovation introduced by mobile health applications. Specifically, we want to share experiences on different mobile health strategies at government level to ease the adoption of third-party applications. These strategies will be illustrated and complemented with practical examples where health and social care integration is improved by using a specific app either developed internally or adopted from a third party developer. It will also be covered the accreditation process third-party applications need to go through before being able to interoperate with legacy health information systems.

The following experiences will be showcased:

1. Appsalut Catalonia: a health appstore with an accreditation process that allows m-health apps to interoperate with PHC systems and it is steered by family doctors and nurses.

2. M-health Scotland: a new e-heatlh platform for integrating third-party solutions into the Scottish NHS.

Country cases will present first the national m-health strategy and its components access, quality accreditation, interoperability, etc. and second a case-study based on a local implementation.

During the discussion, it is expected that participants will learn about the facilitators and barriers to incorporate mobile health technologies in different countries. Critical success factors and successful strategies will be identified and agreed. 

How to Cite: Martí T, Henderson D, Martinez J, Pavlikova A, Contel JC. Mobile Health strategies to integ rate health and social care: A system perspective. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2018;18(s2):175. DOI:
Published on 23 Oct 2018.


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