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Reading: Building Blocks of Knowledge on integrated care for professionals in neigborhood teams


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Building Blocks of Knowledge on integrated care for professionals in neigborhood teams


Rian van de Schoot

Vilans, NL
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Introduction: In 2015 there has been a radical change in the Netherlands in legislation on long term health care. Municipalities became responsible for finance and organization of almost all health care, social care and support in work and income.

In 2016 National Centers of Expertise Vilans, Movisie, NJI, NCJ brought their expertise together in the national program “Integraal werken in de wijk” integrated working on neighborhood level. The program supports municipalities and professionals in the implementation of integrated health and social care on neighborhood level. In the program communities, professionals, citizens and informal caregivers are working together intensively.

In march 2017 the program published a research on the first experience of policy makers of municipalities with the organization of local integrated care. “Organisatievormen en positionering van wijkteams: overwegingen en ervaringen van gemeenten in beeld maart 2017”

In 2014, 2015 and 2017 Movisie, NJI and Vilans did research in 62% of the Dutch municipalities on the organization of local integrated care. The 2017 survey will be presented in January 2018. It shows the most recent development in local integrated care in Dutch municipalities and the dilemmas they are facing.

Description of policy context and objective: Most municipalities chose new forms of organization: generalist integrated care teams in which specialized health care and social professionals work together for all inhabitants in a neighborhood or village.

One of the dilemmas for municipalities is how to enable specialized health care workers to work as generalists. What expertise do you need as a generalist worker? How do you keep up your own expertise and learn about new fields of expertise? The national program “Integrated working on neighborhood level” developed ‘Building blocks of Knowledge for integrated care in communities’ for generalist workers, together with the professionals. Kennisbouwstenen voor professionals die integraal werken in de wijk november 2017 

Targeted population: Health care and social care professionals working in integrated care teams in neighborhoods and villages.

Highlights: The building blocks provide professionals the full scope of knowledge on life areas eg metal health, safety, income of inhabitants as well as knowledge of specific populations eg elderly, migrants, LHTB. It helps professionals to find out what is general basic knowledge, basic knowledge specific for the life area and specialist knowledge. The building blocks were developed with and tested by professionals in neighborhood teams.

Comments on transferability: The Building Blocks are available as a clickable pdf for all professionals. The national program provides in an update next year and helps teams with implementation of the Building Blocks in daily work. It also helps new team members to find out what they need to develop training program.

Conclusions: Specialized professionals who start to work in integrated teams as generalist can be uncertain of the knowledge they need when working with all kinds of inhabitants. Finding out what knowledge is needed and relevant for their work brings certainty and provides better integrated care for inhabitants. 

How to Cite: van de Schoot R. Building Blocks of Knowledge on integrated care for professionals in neigborhood teams. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2018;18(s2):173. DOI:
Published on 23 Oct 2018.


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