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Multiple Roads Travelled: A Career Panel on Integrated Care for the Next Generation of Researchers and Practitioners


Mudathira Kadu ,

Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation, University of Toronto; International Foundation for Integrated Care, United Kingdom, CA
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Henriikka Laurola,

International Foundation for Integrated Care, GB
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Viktoria Stein

International Foundation for Integrated Care, GB
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Background: The Early-career Researchers in Integrated Care ERIC recognizes that interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, collaboration, mentorship and fostering connections are key ingredients of success in the field of integrated care IC. The network was developed to support researchers who are relatively new to the field but are passionate about improving quality of care, patient/caregiver experiences and outcomes through care integration.

Aims and Objectives: Participants will have the opportunity to hear from a mixed panel of members from the field of IC, who will discuss their experiences navigating the field at different career stages and disciplines. This will include: 1 senior policy maker, 2 senior researchers, 1 post-doctoral fellow.

The objective of the panel discussion is to give the audience a glimpse in to the different approaches, tools and skills senior researchers in the past have used to either:

1- achieve career milestones in IC; or

2- overcome major research or policy challenges

Format/Outline: Panel discussion with interactive audience participation

The workshop will be recorded via video and posted on the ERIC webpage for other members to access in the future. As well, highlights will be captured by rapporteur, and delivered as a sharable resource/output.

Total time: 60-90 minutes

15 minutes: Brief overview of ERIC, overall goals of the network

20 minutes: Introduction and overview of the panel members scope of work and research

45 minutes: The hosts will ask each of the panel members to share with the audience key discussion points such as:

1- How did you end up in the field of IC/what was the turning point/did you always know you would be in IC research or policy?

2-  Looking back at your early career, what did you do/wish you did more of to prepare you for the current landscape of IC?

3- For the senior panelist: In your experience, can you share an example of a major policy or research challenge related to IC in that was difficult to overcome? What was helpful in overcoming it?

4- For the senior panelists:  When looking at applicants or promising candidates, what are 3 characteristics you look for in a junior researcher or young professional?

5- For all panelists: How do you envision the current generation of early-career researchers and practitioners making an impact in the future direction of the IC field?

20 minutes: Open floor for the audience to ask panelists questions

Audience: The audience may include young professionals usually 0-5 years in the field, or early career researchers masters, PhDs or post-doctoral students, working or interested in advancing IC in their local context.

Learnings/Take away: This career panel discussion provides capacity for early-career researchers to prospectively think about the direction and scope of their research as it relates to IC. The open panel discussion also encourages them to potentially seek mentorship from more senior leaders in the field and to learn from their best practices moving forward. 

How to Cite: Kadu M, Laurola H, Stein V. Multiple Roads Travelled: A Career Panel on Integrated Care for the Next Generation of Researchers and Practitioners. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2018;18(s2):163. DOI:
Published on 23 Oct 2018.


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