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Reading: Assessing the performance of integrated care implementation: an interactive workshop


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Assessing the performance of integrated care implementation: an interactive workshop


Mariana Dates ,

Optimity Advisors, GB
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Hugo Sant Ana Pereira,

Optimity Advisors, GB
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Micol Tedeschi,

Optimity Advisors, GB
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Niamh lennox-chhugani

Optimity Advisors, GB
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Background: Funded by the Third EU Public Health Programme, Optimity Advisors has followed up on the work carried out by the Health System Performance Assessment HSPA Expert Group in the development of an assessment framework for integrated care. The study conducted has assessed the level penetration and adoption of integrated care in the EU28, Norway and Iceland, and the level of maturity of several health systems at national, regional and local level. Through engagement with stakeholders in the integrated care field, a new, user-friendly framework for the performance assessment of integrated care has been co-developed and further validated by Optimity Advisors, DG SANTE i.e. Directorate-General for Health and Consumers of the European Union, CHAFEA Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency and stakeholders across the integrated care community in the 28 Member States, Norway and Iceland. The Integrated Care Performance Assessment Framework was developed based on previously validated frameworks, such as the WHO 2015 framework People-centred and integrated health services: an overview of the evidence. 

Aims and Objectives: The main objective of this workshop will be to communicate the preliminary results and the experience of using the framework to assess the performance of a number of integrated care systems at local, regional and national level.

Format: The agenda for the workshop will be as follows:

Introduction to the methodological approach and preliminary outputs of the framework, by Optimity Advisors and DG SANTE;

Presentation by one or two representatitves of integrated care projects who have contributed in the co-design of the framework explaining the design process;

Demonstration of the use of the framework by representatitves of integrated care projects, who will show how to obtain a performance profile for integrated care systems;

Group discussion on the different conditions in different health systems that can enhance, or limit the adoption of the framework, and on what could be done to minimise the barriers and maximise facilitating conditions;

Conclusion by the facilitators on future steps to address the issues raised by the attendees, and final remarks.

Target audience: We envision the target audience of the workshop to be comprised of individuals who have an integrated care performance assessment need, including health managers, policy makers, and other stakeholders that are directly involved in decision-making actions within integrated health systems.

Learnings/Take away: By the end of the session, we expect attendees to i have an understanding of a new way to assess the performance of integrated care systems, ii develop a performance profile and actionable roadmap for performance improvement of an integrated care system of their choosing. 

How to Cite: Dates M, Sant Ana Pereira H, Tedeschi M, lennox-chhugani N. Assessing the performance of integrated care implementation: an interactive workshop. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2018;18(s2):129. DOI:
Published on 23 Oct 2018.


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