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Reading: International Integrated Solutions in Sport 2018 - From Dublin to Norway


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International Integrated Solutions in Sport 2018 - From Dublin to Norway


Catherine McClennan ,

Children and Womens Vanguard Cheshire and Merseyside, GB
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Dave Sweeney,

Cheshire and Merseyside STP, GB
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Kjersti Holte

Fedrikstad University, GB
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At the last 2017 International Integrated Conference in Dublin, we showcased our local call to action to combat childhood obesity. As a summary ‘Game Changer’ represents an innovative approach to tackling obesity in children through promoting regular physical activity, education and healthy eating. The project contributes fully to the child obesity implementation plan and will support the year on year improvement trajectory for percentage of children who are overweight or obese. It has a simple Mission Statement: ‘Make Halton school children the most active and healthy in England’ and will work through utilising the brand of Widnes Vikings and its players to advocate the importance of children getting their daily physical activity and eating well.

With a major focus on tackling child obesity rates in Halton schools, ‘Game Changer’ aims to change behavior by encouraging children to be physically active for 80 minutes per day 20 minutes more than government guidelines whilst making healthy options for food and drink. Whilst the core focus is on promoting health and wellness, Widnes Vikings wants to build a new generation of sports fans who are strong, healthy and athletic.

GameChanger has since expanded within the North of England and engaged beyond Rugby League into Football and the model is fully replicable across all sports.

Broadening the offer into football

In the audience at Dublin was Kjersti E. Lien Holte a University Public Health Researcher from Fredrikstad, Norway. The presentation sparked the interest of Kjersti and from there a brilliant connection and plan has formed. Following a visit to Fredrikstad we have agreed the following actions.

Utilizing the collaboration with Fredrikstad 08 FC Game Changer model to be adapted across the City.

Twinning Fredrikstad with Tranmere FC sharing evaluation and how models can synergies across the two areas.

A call to action to stimulate a connection with Tranmere and Fredrikstad communities.

Call to action synergized world record attempt live at both stadiums bringing together 30,000 people.

Research paper to ensure academia measures the impact and European connection

Game Changer technology and data to be shared across both countries.

Taking this new opportunity we feel it is crucial that we offer this connection broader and further into the international stage. We feel the concept will resonate wider than Norway, as colleagues form New Zealand and America have expressed a serious interest and this could offer a major global consistent approach in talking childhood obesity. It also provides an opportunity to fully empower communities by connecting education, sports and health with local community teams and buildings as central hubs for wellbeing.

The research that runs alongside will offer the depth and outcomes that may synergies a global offer of best practice. 

How to Cite: McClennan C, Sweeney D, Holte K. International Integrated Solutions in Sport 2018 - From Dublin to Norway. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2018;18(s2):83. DOI:
Published on 23 Oct 2018.


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