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Conference Abstracts

Enhancing the value of care to people: how innovations meet end-users’ needs in integrated care contexts


José Ignacio Aznar-Baranda ,

Everis, ES
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Isabella Notarangelo,

Hope - European Hospital and Health care Federation, BE
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Eloisa Vargiu,

Eurecat, ES
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John Dinsmore,

Trinity Centre for Practice & Healthcare Innovation (TCPHI), IE
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Cristian Barrue

Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), ES
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The workshop aims to bring together the results produced by several EU funded projects, and their contribution to the challenges posed by integrated care. The focus is on the creation of value-based solutions, based in turn on end-users’ experiences, bringing together patients, informal and formal caregivers and professionals, exploring new opportunities for health industry and research.

The workshop will address the different key points proposed in Theme 1 from the perspective of 5 H2020 integrated-care projects (POLYCARE, CONNECARE, ICT4LIFE, CAREGIVERSPRO-MMD and ProACT). The focus of these projects is to utilize state of the art Information Communication Technologies-Assistive Technology (ICT-AT) to enhance the value of care received to increase their Quality of Life, social inclusion and autonomy. These innovative solutions will connect, support and empower patients, caregivers and health professionals, improving the value to and the sustainability of health and social care.

Scope of the workshop and expected outcomes

The workshop will discuss on:

The different approaches followed by the projects while enhancing value of care to people.

Professionals’ and carers’ experience while utilizing health ICT-AT and feedback provided by patients.

Methodologies and processes proposed to improve integrated care system efficiency and health outcomes.

Findings on the cost efficiency of integrated care ICT-AT based solutions and their exploitation.

The exchange of approaches, ideas and results aims to bring a common understanding on the key points proposed on Theme 1, also allowing to extend collaboration among stakeholders.

Workshop organization and format

The workshop will be co-organized by representatives of the 5 EU-funded projects and aims to include the following slots:

Session 1: Projects presentation – session presenting each of the projects focusing on the key topics of Theme 1: approaches followed by each project; innovative aspects and added value brought for which stakeholders; impact on the current care delivery structure, etc.

Session 2: Hands-on session – The best way to involve the audience is to enable them to experience the technological tools that each project has developed. Attendees will be divided broken into groups of 6-8 individuals to role-play scenarios using ICT-AT from each project. The objective consists of retrieving feedbacks, gather proposals for improvement and create awareness about the innovative solutions being proposed and promoter and foster interest and collaborations

Session 3: round table discussion – The final session will consist of a panel discussion, to allow for free exchange of thoughts and capture of ideas for future collaborations.  Attendees will be distributed into groups of 6-8 individuals with workshop leads facilitating discussion on key topics in relation to future best practices for the sustainability and scalability of ICT-AT enabled integrated care (e.g. data protection and ethics, transferability of systems, impact of ICT-AT on change management, behavioral change and ICT-AT use) . Outcomes will inform a brief report for dissemination on the project websites. The session will last up to 90 minutes; 10 minutes to introduce the session and topics, 45-60 minutes for discussion and 20 minutes to present the results of the discussion. 

How to Cite: Aznar-Baranda JI, Notarangelo I, Vargiu E, Dinsmore J, Barrue C. Enhancing the value of care to people: how innovations meet end-users’ needs in integrated care contexts. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2018;18(s2):21. DOI:
Published on 23 Oct 2018.


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