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Reading: Its not, me it’s you! - Integrated systems and workforce re-design


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Its not, me it’s you! - Integrated systems and workforce re-design


Susan Victoria Barron-Hamilton

Miscellaneous Objectives Bureau & Associate of Healthy Options Australia, AU
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Background: As experienced in the rest of the world, Australia’s largest limiting factor is not lack resources but, rather the lack of an organizing principle that can link funding, people, technology and ideas into a system that delivers more cost-effective care. This is evidenced by current research which indicates neither organisational integration alone, nor government direction in the integrated delivery systems space will bring the type of change at the pace and scale required to transform our health system into what it needs to be in the future.

Aims and Objectives: The way forward is to gain consensus of the key building blocks for systems thinking and analysis.

This workshop offers a solution by demonstrating the Netherland’s conceptual framework for integrated care (based on the integrated functions of primary care), combined with Skills for Care (UK’s adult social care workforce design framework), and interprets these as a direction for integrated multi-level systems analysis and workforce re-design.

This workshop will raise delegates awareness, capacity and capability for sustainable workforce development by using horizontal and vertical integration elements across each level of the system in order for workforce and client to be developed and integrated in synergy with the system.


Section 1: 30 mins

Overview of the principles of workforce redesign (speaker delivery)

The principles of workforce integration for health and social care (speaker delivery)

Section 2: 30 mins

Interactive experience using tools to link funding, technology, people and infrastructure into a cohesive force (interactive exercise)

Section 3: 30 mins

Tools and methodology to manage the people side of change (interactive exercise)

Note: this workshop is 90 mins but can also be a can be a full day or half day

Target Audience: This workshop is suitable for health professionals operating at any level in our health system. Delegates will be exposed to a range of tools and methodology used to bring people together from across the whole system to co create and co-design new ways of working.

Learnings/Take away:

-   Coordinating patient centred care requires a commitment and a cultural shift to improving working relationships within and across organizations.

-   Redesigning a workforce to provide integrated care is complex, adaptive and ever evolving; it takes time to mature

-   Re-designing the workforce to become more patient-centred requires:

early involvement of people, those receiving and those delivering care, in the re-design process

Measuring the progress

Better understanding of integration

Understanding integration is everybody’s responsibility

- Urgent need for a central framework design and implementation of integrated systems of care

- Champions play key roles in promoting shared values and enabling buy in at all levels

- Combined leadership creates a supportive cultural for workforce re-design and integrated care

How to Cite: Barron-Hamilton SV. Its not, me it’s you! - Integrated systems and workforce re-design. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2018;18(s1):100. DOI:
Published on 12 Mar 2018.


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