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Reading: Riding the winner across the finishing line: lessons from integration stayers


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Riding the winner across the finishing line: lessons from integration stayers


Claire Jackson ,

The University of Queensland, Qld, AU
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Albert Alonso,

Hospital Clinic of Barcelona Research and Innovation Directorate, ES
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Di O’Halloran,

WentWest Limited Primary Health Network, NSW, AU
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Caroline Nicholson

The University of Queensland, Qld; Centre for Integrated Care & Innovation, Mater Ltd, Qld, AU
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Background: Better integrated clinical models of care with close cooperation between hospital-based specialists and community practitioners are fundamental to effective chronic disease management. Yet despite integrated care being an international priority for over 20 years, sustained at-scale integration outcomes are still uncommon.

 Aims and Objectives: To allow clinician researchers with over a decade of service implementation at scale in Europe and Australia, to identify key integration success factors and barriers across diverse settings and business models.

To involve the symposium audience in understanding and applying them in their own settings

To summarise learning and service integration development relevant to workshop participant


Prof. Claire Jackson (Chair), ‘Building quality and cost effectiveness of diabetes care via the ‘beacon’ community model’

Dr Albert Alonso, ‘Safely transferring hospital COPD care into the community'

Associate Professor Di O’Halloran, ‘What is the secret sauce in hospital / community integration?'

Carline Nicholson,‘How can we align diverse business models, funding and culture?

The Symposium will highlight the challenges faced in implementing models of integrated care and how they may be overcome. Practice, organisational and external factors including clinician leadership and resourcing are critical for translation of evidence into ongoing practice. It will also highlight the importance of the external environment in creating the framework to allow effective adoption of health system innovation. Participants will apply frameworks to their own settings using facilitated small-group work.

Target audience: clinicians, researchers, consumers, policy makers, and health care organisations working at the community/ hospital interface

Learnings/take away messages: To understand the key enablers and barriers in large scale integration intervention; and to apply these in diverse settings internationally

How to Cite: Jackson C, Alonso A, O’Halloran D, Nicholson C. Riding the winner across the finishing line: lessons from integration stayers. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2018;18(s1):96. DOI:
Published on 12 Mar 2018.


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