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Reading: Metro North GP Alignment Program: Maternity and Gynaecology


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Metro North GP Alignment Program: Maternity and Gynaecology


Melissa Margaret Cairns ,

Brisbane North PHN, AU
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Jeanette Lorraine Tyler

Metro North HHS Women's & Children's Stream, AU
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Introduction: Perinatal care in the community did not align with care provided in hospital. General Practitioner (GP) knowledge gaps in relation to hospital referral processes, pregnancy care, postnatal care & common gynaecological conditions were identified. Local resources to support GPs at the point of care did not exist.

Practice Change Implemented: Metro North Hospital and Health Service (HHS) Women’s & Children’s Stream and Brisbane North Primary Health Network (PHN) developed an education program for GPs including workshops, resources to support GPs at the point of care, an online refresher course and forums to facilitate communication between consumers, primary care and hospital clinicians.

Aims: Enable seamless care delivery between primary care and hospital for women and babies

Align care provided in the community with care provided in hospital

Strengthen partnerships between primary care and hospital and develop robust clinical pathways for maternity & gynaecology

Improve GP knowledge of referral and care processes

Targeted population & stakeholders

Women and babies in Metro North Brisbane and the GPs who care for them,

Metro North HHS & Brisbane North PHN

Timeline: Workshops have been delivered regularly since 2014

Highlights: Over 400 GPs have completed the program with more than 80% reporting their learning needs were entirely met. GP knowledge improved as measured by pre and post workshop assessment. There was a 25% improvement in GP compliance with plotting foetal growth on standardized growth charts.

The quality of referrals improved with more GPs using electronic referral templates. The GP resources are being used to inform localised Health Pathways.

Sustainability: This program of education and collaboration is now part of “business as usual”.

Transferability: This program is transferable to other health service districts and the model is transferable to other specialties.

Conclusions: The Program delivered education and strengthened partnerships between facilities & services within and external to Metro North HHS. Where service and process gaps were identified, the partnerships developed enabled system improvements.

Discussions: There is strength in an interdisciplinary approach to program development and delivery. Acknowledgement and support of the different priorities of each population and each facility allows workshop content to be adapted to suit.

Lessons learned: Focus on what is best for women and babies. Executive support is paramount.

How to Cite: Cairns MM, Tyler JL. Metro North GP Alignment Program: Maternity and Gynaecology. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2018;18(s1):60. DOI:
Published on 12 Mar 2018.


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