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Caredoc Community Intervention Teams - An Integrated, Multidisciplinary Approach to Delivery of Care in a Community Setting


Dorcas Collier-Hannon

Caredoc, Carlow, Ireland, IE
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Introduction: Community Intervention Teams (CITs) have been effective in the Irish healthcare system for some time for the purpose of delivering rapid, short-term interventions to patients in a community setting, thereby reducing hospital attendance and admissions and enabling supported early discharge.  Caredoc were instrumental in the design and implementation of the CIT model and have been consistently delivering nurse-led CIT care across the South East of Ireland.

Aims, Objectives, Theory Or Methods: Caredoc CIT service is uniquely comprised of a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) that operates on a collaborative basis to provide acute care to citizens in their own home.  The MDT is comprised of nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy practitioners who combine expertise to deliver person-centred treatment, tailored to individual’s distinct needs. This mix of skills facilitates an integrated, strategic approach to assessment, co-ordination and management of comprehensive, efficient and continuing care, as well as helping maintain health and wellbeing for often vulnerable clients who can be cared for at home for the duration of their treatment.

Highlights Or Results Or Key Findings: Due to the shared working practices of the MDT, care is flexible and can be adapted to service users’ changing requirements.  Feedback from the family of an elderly patient referred to the service following a fall highlighted the efficiency of the team in recognising the needs of the carer as well as the patient and their resourcefulness in seeking additional support to improve their domestic situation - a vital step for them to continue living in their own home long-term.  With no family in Ireland and pandemic restrictions inhibiting travel, the CIT team were central to the management of the patient’s care and helped to allay their fears, gave practical advice around medication and rehabilitation and provided guidance on navigating an unfamiliar health system in a time of crisis.  The care provided by the MDT was crucial to both the patient and their carer’s safety and quality of life. 

Conclusions: The multidisciplinary, integrated and adaptable structure of the CIT Team ensures a holistic approach to care that can be applied to all patients referred to the service, reducing requirements for multiple appointments with diverse healthcare professionals and keeping patient needs key to the delivery of the service.

Implications For Applicability/Transferability, Sustainability And Limitations: Enhanced community-based health care delivery methods positively impact not only patients but also primary and secondary service delivery by creating seamless continuums of care in a collaborative, aligned environment and strengthening links between providers around the needs of service users.   

How to Cite: Collier-Hannon D. Caredoc Community Intervention Teams - An Integrated, Multidisciplinary Approach to Delivery of Care in a Community Setting. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S3):99. DOI:
Published on 04 Nov 2022.


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