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Reading: Reablement, Rehabilitation and Recovery: What’s in a Name?


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Workshop Abstracts

Reablement, Rehabilitation and Recovery: What’s in a Name?


Anne Hendry ,

International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) Scotland, GB
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Michelle Nelson,

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Mandy Andrew

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IFICs international SIGs connect researchers, policy makers, practitioners and managers from health, social care, housing, voluntary sectors and people with lived experience.  SIG members exchange diverse insights and expertise on specific topics and participate in webinars, study visits and symposia. SIGs enable members to collaborate on international action research and publications, as in our Delphi study of the characteristics of intermediate care models including transitional care . Across the globe, many systems are reimagining the design and delivery of rehabilitation services to make them more inclusive, equitable and sustainable.  Effective sharing of insights and experience to enable personalised support for rehabilitation and recovery requires a common understanding of key concepts and principles in order to evaluate, compare and translate solutions into practice.  Are we all talking about the same thing?


IFIC Scotland’s 'Reimagining rehabilitation and recovery' webinar July 2020 considered the continuum of care and support that contributes to recovery: social prescribing and signposting to voluntary and community assets; access to information and digital solutions to support self management; a reablement approach by unpaid carers and homecare providers to promote independence at home; psychological and emotional support for recovery as well as therapy led formal rehabilitation services.    It is now time to tease apart or knit together our understanding of these key models and their respective contributions to recovery and support for independence and wellbeing.

Aims and Objectives

This session will explore similarities and differences between reablement and rehabilitation. Participants will include experts by profession and by lived experience from the fields of rehabilitation, reablement, restorative care, self management, frailty, intermediate care and transitional care.  They will consider definitions, principles and key dimensions of design and delivery that help to determine alignment or differentiate between the various models of reablement, rehabilitation, and restorative care and support for recovery and independence. The session will inform design of a comprehensive and collaborative international mapping project led by IFICs Intermediate Care, Ageing and Frailty and Self Management SIGs.


Introduction and welcome – Anne Hendry    5 minutes

•           Outline of key concepts – Michelle Nelson and Sara Redmond   10 minutes

•           Small group discussion of inquiry questions – facilitated by Mandy Andrew  -  30 minutes

•           Plenary feedback – All  15 minutes

•           Next steps and close.

How to Cite: Hendry A, Nelson M, Andrew M. Reablement, Rehabilitation and Recovery: What’s in a Name?. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):176. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.
Peer Reviewed


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