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Reading: So, you want to build an integrated care pathway? Co-designing the ‘how to guide’ with peopl...


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Workshop Abstracts

So, you want to build an integrated care pathway? Co-designing the ‘how to guide’ with people and communities


Samantha Laxton ,

Health Standards Organization, CA
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Michelle Nelson,

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Kasia Bruski,

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Adrienne Zarem,

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Jennifer Wilkie

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Workshop – Background

HSO’s Pathways Toolkit was co-developed by an Expert Panel composed of patients and families, providers, policy makers, and system designers. The implementation tool will describe a people-centred, inclusive and iterative approach for how system partners, people and communities can convene, create and sustain integrated care pathways in their local communities.

Workshop - Aims and Objectives

Aim: to share the work to date and gather feedback on a draft ‘how to guide’ for co-designing integrated care pathways and better understand what is needed to help system partners build people-centred and sustainable integrated care pathways.


1.         To facilitate a discussion about core design principles and a comprehensive approach to co-designing integrated care pathways

2.         To capture targeted feedback from attendees in key areas to the co-designed draft of Pathways Toolkit, including:

•           people-centredness, health equity, and cultural safety;

•           usability and feasibility, and;

•           barriers to implementation 

The feedback received will inform the final version of HSO’s Pathways Toolkit.

Workshop - Target audience

The interactive workshop seeks to engage all attendees who have diverse lived experiences and expertise in developing and co-designing integrated care pathways. This may include those that have either previously developed integrated care pathways, or are currently in the process of, or may be required to develop in the future.


Workshop - Format

15 minutes - Samantha Laxton

•           Introductory commentary on the importance of integrated care pathways in health systems

•           Introductions of Pathways Toolkit and overview of the workshop session

45 minutes - All - The workshop attendees will be split into 4 breakout groups. 

•           Each group is tasked to discuss questions aligned to each of the above objectives and reflect answers on a flip chart. 

•           Each group will be supported by a co-facilitator.


30 minutes - Adrienne Zarem - Our Patient Partner will facilitate an open forum share back session from each group to discuss key themes from their discussion.

Workshop - Key Learnings/Take away

•           Understand the purpose and usefulness of integrated care pathways

•           Inform how Pathways Toolkit can be improved to be centred on people and communities

•           Be inspired to use integrated care pathways methodology as a tool to guide local system change

•           Call to action for support in the further co-design Pathways Toolkit.

How to Cite: Laxton S, Nelson M, Bruski K, Zarem A, Wilkie J. So, you want to build an integrated care pathway? Co-designing the ‘how to guide’ with people and communities. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):187. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.
Peer Reviewed


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