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Reading: How to work & play safely with others: assessment tools for collaborative learning and practice


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Workshop Abstracts

How to work & play safely with others: assessment tools for collaborative learning and practice


Akiko Maeda ,

World Bank (retired), CA
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Rabia Khan

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Workshop – Background

In increasingly complex care environments, providers have to work in multidisciplinary teams involving patients and communities. Many pre-service training and continuing education programs offer team enhancing skills but in real practice the teams fail to perform well.  We identify individual and external factors often neglected in mainstream training.

Workshop - Aims and Objectives

Participants will be introduced to two complementary tools to assess the personal attitudes and learning needs of individuals in a team and evaluate the level of team and organizational readiness to engage in collaborative learning activity. This approach offers practical and relatively low-cost methods to address hitherto under-appreciated aspects of team learning, which has tended to focus on individual skills and has neglected individual attitudes and workplace barriers to collaborative learning. Using these tools participants will be able to identify constraints and prioritize reforms to promote team learning in their own practice setting.

Workshop - Target audience

The workshop is aimed at participants involved in health and social care team management and training, and educators and students interested in developing more effective collaborative learning environment.  Policymakers and policy analysts are also invited to participate to consider this approach for evaluating policy effectiveness at the ground/local level.

Workshop - Format

•           Plenary: Introduction and Background Presentation on How to measure team skills (Maeda, Rabia 10 min)

•           Breakout Dyad (2 per group) on “What team skills need to be assessed” (10 min)

•           Plenary: Presentation Individual Self Assessment Framework (10 min Maeda)

•           Plenary: Q&A discussion (5 min Rabia)

•           Plenary: Presentation on Measuring Readiness for Interprofessional Teamwork (10 min Rabia)

•           Breakout Group (8-10): Discuss Team Readiness in own workplace (10 min)

•           Plenary: Bringing it together – explanation of the group practice session (5 min Rabia)

•           Breakout Group for Practice Session (15 min)

•           Plenary: report back, summary (10 min Maeda, Rabia)

•           Plenary: Reflections, conclusion (5 min Maeda, Rabia)

 Workshop - Key Learnings/Take away

•           Application of practical tools to evaluate interprofessional teamwork in own workplace and identify priority areas for further training and organizational change.

•           Understanding the elements required to develop individual skills and attitudes toward teamwork and ensure safe and effective team environment to promote collaborative learning.

How to Cite: Maeda A, Khan R. How to work & play safely with others: assessment tools for collaborative learning and practice. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):123. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.
Peer Reviewed


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