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Reading: SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Transfer Programme - Citizens’ Empowerment in Integrated Care


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Workshop Abstracts

SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Transfer Programme - Citizens’ Empowerment in Integrated Care


Birgit Sandu Gociu ,

Assembly of European Regions, BE
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Johanna Pacevicius,

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Andrea Pavlickova

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Workshop – Background

SCIROCCO Exchange supports healthcare authorities in the adoption and scaling-up of integrated care by providing personalised and tailored capacity-building support. One aspect of this support is a co-designed and personalised which is currently being implemented in nine healthcare authorities across Europe.

Workshop - Aims and Objectives

After more than one year since the launch of the SCIROCCO Exchange KTP, the workshop aims at sharing the experience of two European regions and countries, Basque Country in Spain and Poland, in implementing KTP, with a particular focus on  citizens’ empowerment. Specifically, the objectives are to review key success elements of KTP and assess how these elements can be used in other contexts to encourage peer learning to support for the adoption and scale-up of integrated care.

Workshop - Target audience

The workshop is designed as learning and exchanging experience among a wide range of healthcare practitioners (leaders, providers, managers, researchers), as well as for decision-makers and citizens working, or willing to initiate a work, on strengthening integrated care and particularly the citizens’ involvement in the healthcare system design and delivery.

Workshop - Format

The workshop is a 90-minute session co-chaired by the AER and the SG. It combines both experts’ presentations (45 minutes) and an interactive debate with the participants (45 minutes). The first presentation will briefly introduce SCIROCCO Exchange project, followed by insights on the overall KTP, including its implementation in two sites (Basque Country and Poland). In the second half of the session, an interactive exchange with the participants is anticipated. Attendees will be asked to critically assess the strengths of the methodology and to think about how they would scale-up integrated care in their local context through the KTP. 

Workshop - Key Learnings/Take away

The personalisation and co-design of KTP is a key success factor of providing effective capacity-building support for health and social care authorities which is tailored to the local needs and priorities in integrated care,

How to Cite: Gociu BS, Pacevicius J, Pavlickova A. SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Transfer Programme - Citizens’ Empowerment in Integrated Care. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):65. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.
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