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Reading: EMPaCT: Co-building partnerships with diverse patients to promote health equity


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Workshop Abstracts

EMPaCT: Co-building partnerships with diverse patients to promote health equity


Ambreen Sayani ,

Women’s College Hospital, CA
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Alies Maybee

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Workshop – Background

An important challenge of patient engagement is including people from diverse communities whose voices are seldom-heard. Exclusionary institutional practices and tokenistic methods inhibit meaningful relationships with the necessary variety of people needed to move towards an equitable healthcare system. We need innovative approaches to co-building inclusive partnerships with communities.

Workshop - Aims and Objectives

This workshop is designed to introduce participants to approaches and tools that have been developed and utilized to co-build equitable patient partnerships. The workshop will involve hands-on and group work so that participants have an opportunity to become familiar with the approaches and tools, and to consider ways they can be incorporated or adapted for their own settings. The workshop will provide participants with practical take-home skills that they can implement in their own settings. Participants will have an opportunity to consider potential barriers and facilitators to introducing these approaches and tools within their organization.

Workshop - Target audience

Anyone who is:

1)         interested in engaging with diverse and seldom-heard communities for practice, research or policy development;

2)         ready to challenge personal assumptions and envision broader ways to engage diverse groups through ‘telos’, the act of deconstructing ones worldview to better recognize issues of power and representation.

Workshop - Format

Co-led by Maybee and Sayani

Introductions (5m)

Getting to know the audience (15m)

Interactive polls.

Outcome: Understanding which stakeholder category participants identify with and experiences in engaging diverse voices.

Patient engagement and who is excluded and why (30m)

Breakout rooms and diversity tool to explore who is/is not in the room. Mapping of voices to consider barriers and enablers to participation.

Outcome: Participants will learn about ‘telos’ to consider issues of power and representation.

Opportunities and strengths (30m)

Breakout rooms and asset mapping tool to identify strengths and opportunities.

Outcome: Participants will identify ways to become more inclusive.

Closing (10m).


Workshop - Key Learnings/Take away

Takeaways include five key considerations for building inclusive and diverse patient partnerships:

•           Equity-oriented patient engagement

•           Co-building safe spaces

•           Accessibility considerations

•           Building capacity one relationship at a time

•           Doing no harm

Participants will apply this learning to identify opportunities and strengths to build effective engagements to increase equity in their organizations.

How to Cite: Sayani A, Maybee A. EMPaCT: Co-building partnerships with diverse patients to promote health equity. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):36. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.
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