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Reading: Patient Partner Experience Storytelling Workshop


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Workshop Abstracts

Patient Partner Experience Storytelling Workshop


Cory Ingram ,

Mayo Clinic, US
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Lynn Ashdown,

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Melanie Clement,

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Ben Murray,

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Kori LaDonna,

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Claudia Hampel,

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Jerry Maniate

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Workshop – Background

Patient stories can serve as educational tools for healthcare providers. Inherent risks to the patients sharing their medical stories do exist. Despite the positive impact that patient storytelling can have in healthcare delivery, it is important to ensure the safety of those patients who choose to share their medical experiences.

Workshop - Aims and Objectives

Participants will be able to...

1.         Appreciate storytelling as a vital modality in educating health care providers on patient centered care.  It informs and shape the context, content, and perspective on patient centered care. 

2.         Understand that patient partner storytellers offer insight into unique knowledge that would otherwise be inaccessible to health care providers.

3.         Describe a patient and health care provider co-created storytelling workshop.

4.         Demonstrate key elements of the workshop through hands on writing, sharing, and feedback.

5.         Develop a strategy to present their story safely to a health care or community audience.

Workshop - Target audience

1.         Anyone interested in a novel storytelling approach that informs education, care, and future patient partnership.

2.         Patient Partners and Health Care providers; no prior experience needed or prerequisites.

3.         Anyone interested in participating under common ground rules of being present, respectful, and curious with mindful confidentiality.




Workshop - Format

5-minutes        Welcome                                                         CJI, CH, JM 

5-minutes        Patient Storyteller Sharing                               LA,MC, BM

2-minutes        Debrief                                                            CJI 

4-minutes        Intentionality                                                   CJI 

5-minutes        Stream of Consciousness                                            CJI

2-minutes        Debrief

10-minutes       55 Word Story                                                  LA, CJI

2-minutes        Debrief                                                            CJI

5-minutes        Exploring Storytelling I: You                             CJI

5-minutes        Refine and expand                                           CJI, LA, MC, BM

5-minutes        Exploring Storytelling II: The Audience             CJI 

5-minutes        Refine and expand                                           CJI, LA, MC, BM

5-minutes        Exploring Storytelling III: The Story                               CJI

5-minutes        Refine and expand                                           CJI, LA, MC, BM

5-minutes        Strategy to present                                          CH, JM, LA, MC, BM 

20-minutes       Sharing                                                            CJI, LA, MC, BM, KL


Workshop - Key Learnings/Take away

1.         Storytelling is a vital modality in educating healthcare providers on patient-centered care. 

2.         Patient partner storytellers offer unique knowledge that is inaccessible to healthcare providers.

3.         Patient partners and healthcare providers should co-create educational materials.

4.         Storytelling can be safely taught through writing, sharing, and feedback.

How to Cite: Ingram C, Ashdown L, Clement M, Murray B, LaDonna K, Hampel C, et al.. Patient Partner Experience Storytelling Workshop. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):25. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.
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