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Reading: A collaborative approach towards a dementia friendly community


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A collaborative approach towards a dementia friendly community


Janette Barrie ,

Dementia Friendly Aberfeldy, GB
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Meg Dougal,

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Judy Ewer

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One of the key outcomes of Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy is that “communities throughout Scotland are as dementia friendly as possible (Scottish Government 2017).  The model of dementia-friendly communities has been tried and tested and is known to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers.   The people of Aberfeldy and surrounding areas would benefit from the community working towards and sustaining dementia-friendly town.   The overall aim  is to build upon the comments and suggestions put forward by local residents at an event exploring dementia friendly communities.

Aims Objectives Theory or Methods

Aberfeldy is a small market town with a current population of 2332.  It sits within the Highland Ward of Perth and Kinross Local Authority, Scotland.    Highland Ward has the most ageing population within Perth and Kinross.


1. Implement suggestions generated from a community engagement event.

2. Using improvement methodology, implement and support a range of dementia enabled events and activities for people living with dementia and their carers.

3. Introduce monthly dementia friendly film screenings of popular films at the local cinema.

4. Create a dementia-friendly, reminiscence garden

5. Collaborate with statutory providers, organisations, businesses to become dementia-friendly.

Highlights or Results or Key Findings

-  A reduction in social isolation and loneliness

- Reduce the stigma associated with dementia

-  Create a sense of inclusion

-  Informal support networks for carers

- Person-centredness due to the involvement of people with dementia and their carers

 - Clearly identifiable hub for information and signposting

 - A compassionate and inclusive community

 - Increase confidence for the numerous visitors to the area who may live with dementia

- Increase in community confidence

- A Dementia friendly garden space created collaboratively.


There’s an African proverb  “It takes a village to rear a child”.  We believe the same principles should apply to our older population.   We have a multi-layered group of activities which are aimed helping to create a climate of Dementia awareness in Aberfeldy.

Implications for applicability/transferability sustainability and limitations

The Dementia-Friendly Aberfeldy Collaborative is a small group of people living in Aberfeldy who have close relatives with Dementia and are also unpaid carers.  We formed a larger steering group to oversee the project and to provide guidance and direction.  The model is transferable.

How to Cite: Barrie J, Dougal M, Ewer J. A collaborative approach towards a dementia friendly community. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):150. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.


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