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Vivir Con Voz Propia


Patxi del Canpo

Asociación MAP, ES
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Vivir Con Voz Propia is a non-profit project carried out in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz. It is made up of professionals and volunteers committed to the comprehensive care of people in situations of vulnerability, with advanced illness and/or loneliness. To this end, it fosters a person-centred approach, promoting integral development, strengthening all capacities and needs, with special emphasis on psycho-socio-affective and spiritual aspects.

Aims Objectives Theory or Methods

From the commitment to the integral care of people, it seeks to develop actions open to the community that promote awareness of the needs of people in vulnerable situations and the desirability of community involvement by promoting a Compassionate Neighbourhood. The main objective of the initiative is to promote a citizens' movement in Vitoria-Gasteiz that is more aware of the importance of caring for others, enhancing all psycho-socio-affective capacities and needs. In short, to contribute to creating a city that is more aware and prepared to care

Highlights or Results or Key Findings

VVP encourages the participation of citizens as caregiving agents and facilitators of encounter, support and creation of friendly environments. Promoting activities such as spaces for reflection and dialogue (the last Wednesday of every month since 2014, with an average number of participants between 20-50 people); Death Café, open spaces for reflection and debate on issues surrounding death (once a month since 2016 with an average of 20 participants); Awareness-raising sessions in schools (2014 sessions since 2015) and training activities.

The work carried out involves the creation of a group of volunteers who, by listening to people's wishes, beliefs, desires and decisions, offer support to support their own voice through accompaniment. To this end, 83 volunteers have accompanied 123 people at the end of life and in solitude over the last year.


Vivir Con Voz Propia is a simple promoter of spaces and activities that promote the integral care of the citizens of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Supporting and promoting the community itself as an agent of care through compassionate initiatives.

Implications for applicability/transferability sustainability and limitations

The VVP project and its initiatives are applicable to neighbourhoods, communities, cities and towns. The citizens themselves are the driving force and committed to care. The objective is therefore based on listening to the voices that help to form meeting spaces and friendly environments necessary to facilitate the proposals of.

How to Cite: del Canpo P. Vivir Con Voz Propia. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):13. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.


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