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Reading: Discover Digital Scotland: A guide to support citizens on their digital health literacy journey


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Discover Digital Scotland: A guide to support citizens on their digital health literacy journey


Carmen Paputa-Dutu ,

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, GB
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Mandy Andrew,

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Sara Redmond

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Discover Digital aims to raise awareness of digital health and care solutions amongst Scottish citizens. The Discover Digital Guide is a resource to support people to understand how digital tools might benefit their health and wellbeing.

The resource provides an introduction to the topic. It is aimed at individuals who want to use technology in their self management, as well as carers or support workers who can help others build up their skills and confidence. The resource will be developed iteratively in response to feedback and further engagement with stakeholders and citizens, with a particular focus on seldom heard groups.

Aims Objectives Theory or Methods

The Guide’s development evolved from conversations and insights from the ALLIANCE’s Discover Digital events, 2018-2019. We found simply signposting people to digital tools, however helpful they might be, is not enough. People identified they also need support to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to use these digital tools and maximise applicability.

The Guide’s development focuses on three main areas: digital self management, technology enabled care and digital National Health System (NHS) services. Information was gathered and reviewed through research and multi-stakeholder collaborations, drawing on early citizen feedback. The published Guide is an evolving working document.

Highlights or Results or Key Findings

Early feedback on the guide was constructive: “good information, resources, links and tips.” However, there was acknowledgement that the wealth of information could be overwhelming for citizens and overall Guide accessibility could be improved.

Suggested amendments include creating video and audio summaries of the information and testing the content with groups with various levels of digital and health literacy.

The ALLIANCE continues to invite feedback, aiming to further develop the resource in partnership with stakeholders and citizens to understand:

•           How can people be best supported to use digital tools for their health, care and wellbeing?

•           Does our guide provide valuable information that can support people gain skills, knowledge and confidence in using digital tools for health and wellbeing?

•           How can people be best supported to take in this information?

This third sector citizen led initiative is contributing to Scotland’s national digital priorities and technology enable care and supporting self management.


Despite the existence of platforms which suggest digital health and care tools, there is currently no first-stop shop for understanding what digital health and care is.

The Discover Digital Guide aims to bridge this gap and support citizens and community workers across Scotland develop their digital health and care literacy.

Implications for applicability/transferability sustainability and limitations

Digital health and care literacy are issues that go beyond geographical boundaries, which presents opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Similarly, most digital tools and online resources can be accessed globally. This presents the possibility for collaborative global solutions and international person-centred learning. The ALLIANCE welcomes collaborative and coproduction opportunities.

How to Cite: Paputa-Dutu C, Andrew M, Redmond S. Discover Digital Scotland: A guide to support citizens on their digital health literacy journey. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):210. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.


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