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Reading: Long COVID - The Hidden Health Crisis


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Long COVID - The Hidden Health Crisis


Helena Ferris ,

Health Service Executive, IE
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Audrey Devaney

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Long COVID is a poorly understood complex illness.

Aims Objectives Theory or Methods

There is a growing body of evidence showing multi-organ impairment in individuals at low risk of mortality from COVID. Young females and healthcare professionals are disproportionally affected, with many unable to live independently, care for dependents or work. This has considerable implications for public health and our healthcare systems.

Highlights or Results or Key Findings

With little support or treatment available, long COVID patients are suffering with no certainty as to when or if they will recover. It is imperative that each country has accurate surveillance systems to capture national level data on long COVID. Establishing the burden of disease, identifying care pathways and ultimately effective treatment is central to tackling this hidden health crisis.


In the absence of definitive treatment, it is essential that we raise awareness of long COVID so that patients are acknowledged, listened to and supported.

Implications for applicability/transferability sustainability and limitations

Those living with long COVID are experts by experience and have a key role to play in research and the co-design of long COVID related public health policy.

How to Cite: Ferris H, Devaney A. Long COVID - The Hidden Health Crisis. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):125. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.


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