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Reading: A National Resources and Resilience Center designed with psychotraumatic peoples working in ...


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A National Resources and Resilience Center designed with psychotraumatic peoples working in partnership


Luigi Flora ,

Centre National ressources et résilience/National Resource and Resilience Center, FR
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Guillaume Vaiva,

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Thierry Baubet,

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Sylvie Molenda,

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Fabien D'Hondt

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Context: From the will of six ministries in France (health, education, interior, defense, justice, higher education and research) was created in 2019 a National Resource and Resilience Center for Psychotrauma (CN2R) with the particularity of wishing to work in partnership with people experiencing psychotrauma.

Aims Objectives Theory or Methods

The CN2R was created with the aim of deepening the knowledge on the psychotrauma and the resiliency processes according to an approach of course in its globality; it has for that four strong axes that are the research, the training and the identification of good practice, the diffusion of the knowledge and the animation of the places of care that are the regional centers of the psychotraumatisms created simultaneously to the CN2R. From its creation, the functioning of this center has been created a transversal axis to the presented axes, the partnership with the people leave… with and a coordinator

Highlights or Results or Key Findings

This coordinator, who has experience in the partnership between scientific and professional knowledge on the one hand and experiential knowledge on the other hand, has created, according to a methodology that will be presented, a community of people with psychotrauma. A community that today actively participates in the partnership with each of the CN2R's axes, whose teams are learning to co-construct in partnership with members of the community in ways that will also be presented. Articles and audiovisual clips have been co-written, juries for research grants have been set up with their presence, and processes for the development of good practices in partnership with the High Health Autority(HAS) and a skills reference framework are underway. A last process for which a partnership is being organized with Montreal on autism and psychotrauma at the initiative of a think tank of the community of people who are experiencing.




That an entity created at the crossroads of 6 ministries and therefore according to a systemic and societal vision to accompany the citizens and society of an entire country towards resilience in partnership with the first concerned demonstrates a progress in the very perception of health.

Implications for applicability/transferability sustainability and limitations

In the perspective of transferring to other European states already interested, the partnerships initiated are methodologically constructed, they are thought to be transferable, the limits lie in the youth of this large-scale project.

How to Cite: Flora L, Vaiva G, Baubet T, Molenda S, D'Hondt F. A National Resources and Resilience Center designed with psychotraumatic peoples working in partnership. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):51. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.


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