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Reading: Accomplishing Community-Oriented Integration at Scale – Strategies for Success


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Workshop Abstracts

Accomplishing Community-Oriented Integration at Scale – Strategies for Success


Laura Calamos ,

Three Chelsea Docs, United States, US
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Paul Thomas

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In this workshop, we will consider the challenges of developing whole system integration that is effective and responsive. Working from evidence and participant experiences we will explore seven strategies for accomplishing sustainable community-oriented integrated care at scale.


A healthy society integrates diverse efforts for health and care. Going beyond integrating services that care for individuals with diseases, it also builds interconnected communities with a culture of care – where all those involved routinely respond to ‘big-picture’ issues with clever, appropriate, local collaborative action. We call this 'community-oriented integrated practice' – whole system integration for health and care that comes together to adapt at local levels. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted why such dynamic boundary spanning is so important.

Our experiences and research highlighted seven strategies that together facilitate whole system integration. An adaptable framework has the potential to develop community-oriented integrated practice by building trusted, mutually-enhancing relationships throughout the whole system, and at scale.

Strategies include

(1) Building collaborative projects within geographic areas – areas small enough to feel a sense of belonging and large enough to coordinate a range of activities.

(2) Leadership training and support for interconnected multidisciplinary teams.

(3) Facilitating locally-led small and large group initiatives to help people to step out of their ‘silos’ and co-create innovation with other disciplines, sectors and communities.

(4) Offering a calendar of events to align inter-organizational improvement work, welcoming local patients, staff, leaders, and community members from all sectors to share learning.

(5) Participatory action approaches to inquiry and research.

(6) Evaluation using routinely-gathered, and meaningful, data.

(7) Annual cycles of collaborative reflection and coordinated change to strengthen interconnections and a culture of ongoing inquiry, adaptation, and action.


Aims & Objectives

Seven strategies that were found to successfully accomplish community-oriented integration in a UK project will be compared to the experiences of workshop participants. Ways to combine strategies for more sustainable integrated practice will be explored together.

Target Audience

This interactive workshop is designed for people of all backgrounds who aim to develop community-oriented integrated practice.

Take Away

Participants will reflect on the value of seven strategies that may be useful for developing sustainable community-oriented integrated practice in their own contexts.


The facilitator will present seven strategies used in community-oriented integrated practice as identified in a successful initiative in the UK. Participants will then break into small groups of 4-6 people highlighting successful strategies and challenges from their own contexts for comparison and contrast.

To keep the discussion moving, lecture will be limited, and participation will be welcomed throughout the session. Participants will be asked to keep their mics and cameras on throughout the workshop to enhance engagement.


  (5 min) Facilitator introduction. Welcome.

(10 min) Seven strategies in community-oriented integrated practice

(10 min) Participants’ introductions

(35 min) Small group breakouts

•           (15 min) Stories of success/challenge

•             (5 min) Together

•           (15 min) Stories of success/challenge

(20 min) Regroup for discussion and reflection. Insights gained.

(10 min) Action planning - consider your own next steps. Closing.

How to Cite: Calamos L, Thomas P. Accomplishing Community-Oriented Integration at Scale – Strategies for Success. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S1):103. DOI:
Published on 08 Apr 2022.
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