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Reading: Rehab|DK - Integrated Rehabilitation


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Rehab|DK - Integrated Rehabilitation


Emil Hoestrup

Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Denmark, DK
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1. During a post-op rehabilitation process in the patient’s own home, patients are in contact with several different healthcare professionals across primary and secondary care. Each therapist’s rehabilitation support is different, which leads to fragmented rehabilitation processes that are challenging and negatively affect the quality of the rehabilitation.

2. Rehab|DK is a user-friendly digital rehabilitation solution with +700 video-based training exercises, which supports citizens in their at-home rehabilitation and enables an integrated rehabilitation process from the immediate post-op rehab at the hospital to the municipal rehabilitation services. Shared information strength-ens the cohesion, dialogue and ultimately the quality of the integrated rehabilitation process, while also providing a platform for exchange of knowledge and best practice.

3. We consider the development of the actual digital solution the easy part, while establishing the cross-sector integration and adjusting the therapists’ processes is what really sets Rehab|DK apart. Our rule of thumb is that implementing new technology into the healthcare sector is 20 % technology and 80 % implementation into daily processes.

Rehab|DK is developed through a participatory design approach, which takes a needs-based point of departure and involves the relevant users and stakeholders in co-creating a solution.

4. The first patients to use Rehab|DK were orthopaedic surgery patients (in- and outpatients). Followed by lung-disorders and latest OB-GYN patients.

The app is also targeted older citizens and their relatives, reminding and helping them with their exercises.

The stakeholders are physio- and occupational therapists at hospitals and munici-palities.

5. Rehab|DK started in 2012. In 2016-2017 a research project investigated the app’s potential in regards to quality and involvement across sectors. From 2018 and onwards the focus is on expanding the partnership. In 2019 Rehab|DK achieved strategic prioritisation, ensuring integration to the ‘My Hospital’ app and planning implementation in all regional hospitals in 2021.

6. During the COVID-19 lock downs, Rehab|DK has been an important tool to enable at-home rehabilitation support. Rehab|DK is now implemented in 12 municipalities. In 2020 more than 7.700 active digital training sessions were registered and the app was used actively by 1.500 therapists. Patients indicate that the app helps them learn how to do the exercises.

7. Rehab|DK is organised as a public development community, co-owned by the Region of Southern Denmark and Odense and Sønderborg municipalities, and the solution is prioritised in the Regional Digitalisation Strategy.

8. The solution is a flexible tool in which new videos and functionalities are added in connection with gradual roll out to other patient groups and healthcare actors.

9. Rehab|DK has shown a strong potential to support integrated rehabilitation processes and improve the rehabilitation, to the benefit of both patients and the healthcare sector.

10. How do we best involve all stakeholders and ensure that new solutions add value for everyone?

11. Developing and implementing digital integrated solutions is a long-term process and it is important that the solution takes into account and benefits all stakeholders. The solution should be flexible, and an agile development setup is key. Top-level prioritisation is essential.

How to Cite: Hoestrup E. Rehab|DK - Integrated Rehabilitation. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S1):111. DOI:
Published on 08 Apr 2022.


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