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Reading: “frAAgiLe”: The platform that monitors and mitigates frailty


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“frAAgiLe”: The platform that monitors and mitigates frailty


Iñaki Bartolome

Ideable Solutions, Spain, ES
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This article presents the platform “frAAgiLe”, funded by AAL Program of the EU for active and assisted living, and its relation with the 9 Pillars of Integrated Care. This project is currently in testing and co-creation phase in several centres throughout Europe. The main objective of “frAAgiLe” is to develop a technological solution that monitors frailty in elder users from home, using a tablet and creates personalised training programs using  Artificial Intelligence.

“frAAgiLe” interacts with the 9 Pillars of Integrated Care in the following ways:

Pillar 1: “frAagiLe” offers a unique opportunity of Shared values and vision, its effort is based on the visibility of frailty throughout the EU, as this is a condition that many oversee because of its silent condition, despite the many implications that it has for health. This entails the creation of a community under this shared value and vision of monitoring and treating frailty from the beginning.

Pillar 2: This project also considers population health needs and local context. It works directly with a health issue, frailty and at the local level. Despite the fact that it is a European project with unified protocols, it is being tested in local communities and adapted to the need of each of them. The games that the platform includes have levels specifically designed for local habits related nutritional values.

Pillar 3: People as partners in health and care are key for “frAagiLe”, not only there are 3 testing sites with direct contact with users, but there are also 2 centres (Portugal, Switzerland) participating exclusively in cocreation and making users self-responsible of their health.

Pillar 4: Despite monitoring health, “frAagiLe” also contributes to the creation of resilient communities and new alliances as improving frailty has an impact at the systemic level and the strengthening of trans and intra local bonds.

Pillar 5: Workforce capacity and capability, as well as human effort is necessary for the development of the platform and its maintenance, but its results aim also at reducing the workload of health professionals, which has increased since the COVID 19 Crisis.

Pillar 6: System wide governance and leadership is also part of our project, with people like Begoña García, who is a role model of a female leader in science, taking part in the design of the platform.

Pillar 7: “frAagiLe” is mainly, and overall a digital solution, that aims at innovation within this field including new features like AI and smart devices.

Pillar 8: Aligned payment systems depend of the sociosanitary systems of each country and its public intervention, however, they are based on equitative monthly fees per user whose aim is to be as affordable as possible for all.

Pillar 9: Transparency of progress, results and impact have a role throughout the whole project, with an involvement of external experts and users in 90% of the activities and over 72% of satisfaction with its results.

How to Cite: Bartolome I. “frAAgiLe”: The platform that monitors and mitigates frailty. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S1):70. DOI:
Published on 08 Apr 2022.


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