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Reading: The Adoption and Adaptation Methodology for Sustaining innovation


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The Adoption and Adaptation Methodology for Sustaining innovation


Rupa Chilvers ,

Bevan Commission, United Kingdom, GB
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Nick Rich,

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Helen Howson

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It is widely recognised that there can be substantial gaps, sometimes over a decade, for innovation to be adopted widely and make an impact on health and care. As one of the largest national structured programme supporting innovators and adopters and testing the mechanisms that enable successful change, this presentation will be an opportunity to find out about the learning from the national Adopt and Spread Programme just being completed in Wales.

The A&S Programme has supported 15 innovators who are working with over 50 adoption sites. These innovations take services from acute sector to community care as well as promote joint working between professional groups and settings. Our findings show that most of the Bevan Exemplar Innovations introduced in January 2020 have gained traction and are actively being introduced in new adoption sites. This engagement and participation was sustained despite the challenges faced by many teams due to COVID-19.

The A&S Programme, led by the Bevan Commission, used a mixed research methods approach to evidence generation starting with a review of the research as well as quantitative and qualitative data collection. This included network and conversational analysis, case studies, intermittent survey-based data collections, and adoption site reported measures. As well as toolkits and how to guides being released as part of this programme, a new evidence-informed conceptual model for innovation adoption has been developed.

With the new release of the Sustained Adoption and Adaptation Methodology (SAAM), the presentation will highlight the organisational features required to support innovators and adopters in health and care. There will also be policy level recommendations on (1) how to create and support cross organisational transfer of innovation, (2) enabling change within disruptive contexts and (3) how adaptation and learning from the first few adoption sites can be used for future spread. The findings from this Programme provides new insights on how organisations as well as national teams can support health and care professionals as they both develop and embed  new innovation to achieve changes and transform services and care. 

How to Cite: Chilvers R, Rich N, Howson H. The Adoption and Adaptation Methodology for Sustaining innovation. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S1):195. DOI:
Published on 08 Apr 2022.


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