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Implementation and transfer of successful digitally enabled integrated person-centred care solutions across Europe – The JADECARE Joint Action


Jon Txarramendieta ,

Kronikgune Institute For Health Services Research, Spain, ES
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Ane Fullaondo,

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Martina Rimmele,

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Esteban de Manuel

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The aging population, with the growing burden of chronic conditions and multimorbidity, is constantly increasing the demand for more comprehensive, efficient and smarter personalized care delivery based on innovative solutions. Digital innovation has the potential to improve coordination and provide more targeted, personalized, effective and efficient health care. The transformation of health systems in Europe and the design, development and implementation of innovative solutions ensuring systems’ sustainability is highly needed.

Short description of practice change implemented 

In this framework, JADECARE (Joint Action on implementation of Digitally Enabled integrated person-centered CARE) intends to reinforce the capacity of health authorities to successfully address the transition to digitally-enabled integrated-person-centred care. It is focusing on the transfer and adoption of four original Good Practices (oGPs), concerning integrated care, chronic conditions, multimorbidity, frailty and complex needs, self-care, prevention and population health, disease and case management. They are: Basque Health strategy in ageing and chronicity: integrated care (Spain), Catalan open innovation hub on ICT-supported integrated care services for chronic patients (Spain), The OptiMedis Model-Population-based integrated care (Germany) and Digital roadmap towards an integrated health care sector (Denmark).

Aim and theory of change

During the JA, health authorities will improve knowledge in implementation and process evaluation methodologies including sustainability.  The transfer of oGPs will focus on the preparation of the local environments for the implementation. The methodology will allow the transfer in different contexts: socioeconomic, cultural, legal, models and maturity of health systems. A learning community will be created for developing, collecting and exchanging knowledge through “twinning actions”, dedicated seminars and workshops, and other activities.

Targeted population and stakeholders

JADECARE involves partners from 17 European countries, providing a complete scenario of the idiosyncrasy and differences that can be found. The local context, maturity of integrated care models, legal frameworks, culture/values and relevant leaders will be considered for each of the 23 “next adopters”. 


The project started on October 1st, 2020 and ends on September 30th, 2023.


JADECARE will impact on European health systems by implementing innovative digital integrated care solutions and helping to change the model of care provision. It will settle the basis to implement integrated care at large scale by knowing how to transfer successful experiences and to create innovative/tailored practices. This will also have an impact on healthcare professionals, patients, carers, general population, health authorities and the industrial sector.


Elements of sustainability will be addressed in the implementation. The long-term effect of JADECARE will be supported by involving stakeholders participating in governance bodies who can provide political support and commitment to integrated care.


A three-step implementation strategy will be used for oGP transfer. It was defined in JAChrodis-Plus to be appropriate from the scientific point of view, applicable considering data availability and feasible according to project´s timeline and resources:

•           Pre-implementation: planning and preparation

•           Implementation: roll-out and operation (based on PDSA cycles)

•           Post-implementation: impact assessment and learning

Conclusions, Discussions, and Lessons learned

As JADECARE has just started, we do not yet have conclusions, discussion nor lessons learned. 

How to Cite: Txarramendieta J, Fullaondo A, Rimmele M, de Manuel E. Implementation and transfer of successful digitally enabled integrated person-centred care solutions across Europe – The JADECARE Joint Action. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S1):53. DOI:
Published on 08 Apr 2022.


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