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Implementing an Innovative Human Service Integration in Practice - case Municipal Kuopio FINLAND


Anna-Mari Juutinen

University of Eastern Finland UEF, FI
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An Introduction.

The Finnish welfare state in general is based on large scale of universal public services where different kind of professions offer services they according the legislation are entitled to. This has caused a situation where especially the disadvantaged customers, due to the legislation, various professions, organizations and personal data records, have overlapping customerships, parallel service plans and evaluation criteria of their service needs.

A Description of Practice change implemented.

The municipality of Kuopio together with seven other local areas participated in an experimental development project of the Finnish Ministry of Finance using a temporary legislation of service integration. The organizations created prototypes for the integrated service system. In Kuopio the prototype for the young customers developed together with 17 professionals working among the youth services, social and welfare, student health care, substance abuse and the psychiatric services.

The Aim & Theory of Change.

The aim of the Kuopio’s project was to create a method of service integration consisting personal case manager, life assessment and personal welfare plan using digital services. The theoretical background came from customer-centered integration, integration of human services, implementing integration policy and multiorganizational co-creation.


Experimental Human Service Integration –project ran during 2015-2016.

The results reported to the Ministry of Finance Finland and nationally in 2017. The dissertation of implementing integration policy by experimental development is starting in 2019.


The problem the multiprofessional team had to solve were, how to make a collective service plan to a young customer with several services, several goals and several needs assessments. The integrative method consists an evaluation of the young person’s life situation and the personal welfare plan, is called “My Life”. It consists a visual “3X10D Circle of Life” added with a 30-point questionnaire called “3X10D Survey”. The visualization makes easier discuss the holistic situation of young adults own life. The 30-point questionnaire includes 20 multiple choises and 10 comment fields. Both 3X10D Circle of Life and 3X10D Survey deal with 10 themes:  studies/work, family, health, friends, personal development, housing, finance, life satisfaction, self-esteem and resilience estimated from three viewpoints (importance, satisfaction and the future). With the “MyLife” data the customer with one’s personal case manager compose the personal welfare plan carried out by using a digital platform.

Sustainability & transferability.

The 3X10D Survey adopted a part of the Finnish national digital welfare portal and is already scaled to another customer groups (as children and families) after the project finished and are ready to bring into use. 


The MyLife method with the life assessment tool and a customer’s personal welfare plan helps different professionals to solve problems that young customers themselves consider crucial, as well as to diminish the need of overlapping services. It makes the mutual goals achievable without problems caused by the lack of data. 

Discussions & Lessons.

Developing an innovative integrative method gave a lot of information about the professionals and the customers are seeking and working towards a common goal based on the customer life assessment and a personal welfare plan.

How to Cite: Juutinen A-M. Implementing an Innovative Human Service Integration in Practice - case Municipal Kuopio FINLAND. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):224. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.


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