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Sharing power through collaborative learning - How did we develop integrated care through ERASMUS+


Saša Radić

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Occupational therapy services have been present in Croatia for almost a 100 years. Started in psychiatric hospitals as in most countries, enriched during 60’s of the last century with support by WHO, with undergraduate education developed within last decades of the last century… but the profession and it’s presence in expert teams is still uncertain. As occupational therapists, we focus on possibilities and how they can be enriched and enable functioning in meaningful occupations, which is crucial for health and wellbeing. This kind of practice is tuned with functioning and participation perspective, reflected in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health by the WHO. Goal-oriented, occupation-based and community-focused model of practice, used by occupational therapists in a strategic manner through the daily practice can support integrated services established on based on what a person, his family or community wants. This can provide a bridge between daily living, social and health care.

This has been intertwined into community-focused projects funded mostly through ERASMUS + fund and performed by Croatian national association of occupational therapist as a partner organisation in a consortium of partners from European countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany).  Projects have been intended for but also included children and young adults with different challenges due to intellectual disability or motor challenges as service users but also developers of the programs which in the long run provide support for new generations. Implementation of the projects has enriched the “backpack of competencies” of occupational therapists involved but also has raised awareness and sharing of knowledge among other professionals as well as clients whom we serve. Through the process of collaborative learning, professionals have explored the needs, challenges of the person and community while developing competencies of all stakeholders which is central to develop services intended for the community but also sustainable for enabling the development of the inclusive and occupationally just world.

This presentation will explore collaborative learning as a process and a means of developing integrated services sustainable for the community in which we live, how it can be translated to other professions to have the strategic development of the services intuned with the community we serve.


How to Cite: Radić S. Sharing power through collaborative learning - How did we develop integrated care through ERASMUS+. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):344. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.


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