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Workshop Abstracts

Intermediate Care SIG Workshop


Anne Hendry

IFIC Scotland, GB
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This workshop is an opportunity to connect with IFICs special interest group to advance our understanding, adoption and evaluation of Intermediate Care as a key component of people centred integrated care.


Transitional care and intermediate care are two important elements of the continuum of services that enable older people to maintain or recover their independence following a period of illness, injury or hospitalisation. However, the many definitions and descriptors applied to this diverse range of services, limits our ability to fully understand their effectiveness. The Advantage Joint Action on Frailty and SIG members recently conducted an e-Delphi study to build consensus on the definitions and principles of transitional care and intermediate care for older adults. The researchers also conducted a systematic review of the evidence for the effectiveness of intermediate care in this cohort. 

Aims and Objectives

Delegates will have an opportunity to network with other members of the Special Interest Group, learn about recent SIG collaborations and shape the future workplan: 


Welcome from SIG lead Prof Anne Hendry

Intermediate Care Delphi and systematic review - Duygu Sezgin, University of Galway and Dr Rónán O'Caoimh, Ireland

Contribution of the voluntary sector to transitional and intermediate care- Dr Michelle Nelson, Canada

Discussion on intermediate care education and standards – Dr Siobhan Kennelly, HSE Ireland and Prof Anne Hendry, IFIC Scotland


Close and sign up for new SIG members – Marie Curran, SIG Coordinator


How to Cite: Hendry A. Intermediate Care SIG Workshop. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):355. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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