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Reading: Advancing Knowledge of Education Programs for Integrated Care across the World


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Workshop Abstracts

Advancing Knowledge of Education Programs for Integrated Care across the World


Abbe Wojtak

Adaptive Strategy Partners
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The IFIC Special Interest Group (SIG) for Advanced Education in Integrated Care was launched in fall 2018 as a global network of institutions that have created or are planning for the development of program curricula and advanced education for developing, delivering and leading integrated care systems. This SIG enables members to explore their shared interest in advancing knowledge and education for integrated care.


In early 2019, the SIG for Advanced Education in Integrated Care started to create an inventory of existing programs and those under development. An initial survey enabled us to collect information about 14 different education programs offered by 11 institutions in 8 countries. The majority of these educational programs are university post-graduate programs aimed at experienced professionals and managers. The findings of this initial phase of our inventory were presented at the International Conference for Integrated Care 2019 held in San Sebastian, Spain.

Aims and Objectives

Results of our initial survey indicated that there is additional work to do to create a more robust global inventory of education programs for integrated care. As a next step the SIG for Advanced Education in Integrated Care will be re-launching our survey with revised questions informed by our initial survey participants and with input from participants at the ICIC 2020 conference.

The goal of our SIG session at the ICIC 2020 will be to engage conference participants in a café style discussion about different definitions for and types of educational programs for integrated care targeted at front-line staff, middle management, and leadership. Together we will explore what constitutes advanced education in integrated care and share information about different formats and educational content. These discussions will help us finalize the next version of the survey and inform the next phase of information gathering for our global inventory.  After the conference, the survey will also be translated into other languages to ensure that we are capturing a broader array of programs in different countries.



Café discussion or SIG meeting (open to any ICIC attendee) to be determined


Anne Wojtak, Cara English and SIG members, but open to all ICIC attendees


How to Cite: Wojtak A. Advancing Knowledge of Education Programs for Integrated Care across the World. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):363. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.
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