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Program "6-10-14 for Health" - as an example of an interdisciplinary model of care for a patient with excess body weight


Piotr Popowski

Medical University Of Gdansk, Department Of Public Health And Social Medicine, PL
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Overweight and obesity are public health challenges of growing importance in Poland. The fastest increase has been observed in children and adolescents. Some studies show that 22% of elementary school children are currently (2013) overweight or have obesity (IZZ), compared with no more than 15% in 1990 (WHO Europe, 2012).

Short description of practice change implemented: The “6-10-14 for Health” is the first comprehensive health programme implemented in Poland, focused on long-term health behaviour change both among children with obesity and their families.

Screening tests are carried out at Gdańsk schools. The scope of tests includes: body weight assessment, blood pressure measurement, assessment of cardiopulmonary efficiency. Children who are diagnosed with excess body weight are invited to the second level of programme.

The whole process is supported by a dedicated IT system enabling management of the care process.

Aim and theory of change:

Improving the state of health of children from Gdańsk by conducting comprehensive educational and health intervention in children with selected factors of NCD and creating conditions in the school environment conducive to proper eating habits and physical activity as elements of maintaining and improving health.

Targeted population and stakeholders:

Target groups are children in Gdansk, aged 6, 9-11 and 14 years, their parents and the school environment.




Approximately 400-450 new patients join the programme every year. Programme participants receive annual care from an interdisciplinary team of specialists including a paediatrician, dietitian, specialist in physical activity and a psychologist. An IT system has been created to digitize patient data and recommendations, control measured parameters and share them with parents of children under care. The effect of one year's participation in the programme is the reduction of excess body weight in 75% of participants. More then 2000 patients have complieted the Programme. The programme is accredited by the European Association for the Study of Obesity and is funded by the City of Gdańsk.

Comments on sustainability: Further implementation of the Programme depends on providing funds from the City of Gdańsk. However, it seems that the 6-10-14 for Health is one of the city's health priorities. In 2019, a new health programme „18+ for Health” was implemented, which is a form of follow-up for patients of the „6-10-14 for Health”.

Comments on transferability:

The proposed care model is fully possible to implement in the care system. So far, sharing knowledge and experience, the program has been implemented in several other local governments.


Current work indicates that the key challenge is to keep participants in the annual program.


The challenge in the field of weight reduction programs is to provide care that will not lead [DS1] to stigmatization of patients

Lessons learned:

The work on designing the model has already resulted in creation of network of specialists from different backgrounds and allowed sharing different scopes, how to use limited resources for the benefit of children and adolescens. Based on the program, activities were created in other cities in Poland (Szczecin, Sosnowiec, PoZdro in Lublin, Warsaw, Wrocław)

How to Cite: Popowski P. Program \"6-10-14 for Health\" - as an example of an interdisciplinary model of care for a patient with excess body weight. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):89. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.


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