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Reading: Digital solutions supporting Integrated Care


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Workshop Abstracts

Digital solutions supporting Integrated Care


Michelle Kearns

Caredoc, IE
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Digital solutions supporting Integrated Care; are you using digital solutions to support integrated care, how can you see digital solutions work for patients, your organisation and you in to the future. 

There is an opportunity to enhance patient care and use clinician time appropriately if they are supported by the correct digital solutions, eHealth, and technology. It is not enough to digitise a process and call it a success. Real meaningful engagement with users must take place to identify what will work for them and for their healthcare services.



The aim is to identify what digital solutions are supporting integrated care and what participants can see working for them in the short-term, medium-term, and long-term.


-              to involve participants and encourage them to think about their work and identify what digital solutions are currently in use in their work environment and what is feasible for the future  

-              assess and report back to participants (at a future time) on how the IFIC can support and help people to achieve theirs aims within their workplace?

Everyone working in healthcare: general practitioners, hospital consultants, nursing staff, allied health professionals, administration staff, policy makers, and anyone who would like to contribute to the session or learn about digital solutions in healthcare. 

Digital solutions can support integrated care and enhance the care delivered to patients. The art of the possible is one thing, but real-life solutions do exist and are currently being used successfully.

The IFIC have a network and resources to support you and connect you with other organisations Globally and locally who have implemented solutions.


Introduction and explanation

How we think about digital and what it means, and a brief overview of challenges faced in the context of delivering digital solutions.

Facilitator: Michelle Kearns. 5 minutes

The importance of Digital to clinicians and patients; What it means as a clinician and examples where digital supports integrated care

Facilitator: Mary Burke – Clinical Nurse Manager      8 - minutes

Questions about format- 2 minutes

Round-table discussion - 30 minutes


What digital solutions are working for you in your organisation? - 10 minutes

-              identify scribe and raconteur

-              what they currently do and have

-              Note same – feedback to group and on post-its etc  

Facilitators visit the tables and make sure people were on track, answer questions etc. 

This generates discussion between people who are trying to achieve similar things in their organisations or can learn from what has been already done.

What digital solutions do you think would support you, your organisations or patients? - 20 minutes

Facilitators present questions in the format:

- What role can digital solutions, eHealth, or technology play in the design and delivery of Healthcare services?

- What would work for you and your organisation?

- What would you like to see?


Feedback & Next Steps - 10 minutes

Summary & Next Steps    - 5 minutes


How to Cite: Kearns M. Digital solutions supporting Integrated Care. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):349. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.
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