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Reading: Special Interest Group Evidence Based Integrated Care


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Workshop Abstracts

Special Interest Group Evidence Based Integrated Care


Roelof Ettema

Hogeschool Utrecht, University Of Applied Sciences, NL
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Both in literature and in practice there is debate about defining Integrated Care. The WHO for example, defines Integrated Care as a process, not covering the perspective of (cost-) effectiveness. From the perspective of research into evidence in Integrated Care this is rather awkward. Triple aim focusses on 1) quality of life of citizens; 2) quality and continuity of care and, 3) cost effective care. Integrated Care is aimed at well-organized, cost-effective processes of care delivery, provided by committed professionals which must be able to count on well-established evidence for the care interventions they provide in integrated trajectories to their patients. Research should support them both with evidence for effective interventions and evidence for effective application. A basis for thorough research in Integrated Care is narrowed by a lack of a comprehensive definition.


Since Integrated Care is considered as sets of complex interventions targeting triple aim, together with colleagues from all over the world we discuss definitions of Integrated Care reported in literature.  with a definition of complex interventions and a model for evidence based developing, testing and implementing complex interventions. This definition and the accompanied model are issued by the British Medical Research Council (MRC) in 2008 and are nowadays worldwide established.

During the session at the conference, after a short introduction, we will discuss our proposal with the participants for improving a new definition of evidence based integrated care.

Aims and Objectives 

To create support by participating in a discussion resulting in a proposal for a definition for ‘Evidence Based Integrated Care’ which covers defining the care problem with the underlying working mechanisms and the test acceptance by patients and care providers. Furthermore, it covers test effect of both the concept of interventions and the (cost) effectiveness in the context were the complex interventions are provided, the organization of the complex interventions in the trajectory and the quality of life and societal participation of citizens or patients.



10 min   Introduction cause, approach and definitions in literature (plenairy and buzz groups)

15 min   Discussion how we want to define Integrated Care (in groups)

10 min   Doing research in Integrating  Care (plenary)

15 min   Discussion Towards an operationalisation of Evidence Based Integrated Care (in groups)

10 min   Wrap up and closure (plenary)

Key People

Roelof Ettema

John Eastwood

Marlou de Kuiper


How to Cite: Ettema R. Special Interest Group Evidence Based Integrated Care. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):360. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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