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Workshop Abstracts

Achieving the Next Level of Integrated Care: Sustaining change during COVID-19 to advance integrated care


Carolyn Steele Gray

Bridgepoint Collaboratory for Research and Innovation, CA
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Rapid changes brought on by health systems responding to COVID-19 presents an opportunity to advance integrated care. The question remains whether changes put in place now can be sustained over time to advance longer term transformation towards integrated health and social care delivery.


International research teams in Canada, the iCOACH team, and the Netherlands, Vilans Centre of Excellence, have been working together to explore scale and spread of integrated care. Through comparative case studies, and the use of common research tools and analysis methods we are uncovering what can drive scale and spread across diverse settings. 

Aims and objectives:

This workshop will offer delegates an opportunity to learn about how rapid changes occurring in response to COVID-19 could lead to sustainable transformation towards integrated care. A proposed framework will be presented followed by short presentations on three processes that could be leveraged to support sustainable change. Workshop participants will then break out into smaller groups to discuss their own experiences with change in their jurisdictions, and will use case examples to discuss how change could be sustained. The final section of the workshop will bring the group back together for a facilitated discussion with the workshop faculty. 


This workshop will be broken up into 3 parts with the majority of time dedicated to small and large group discussion. Part 1 we will overview the proposed RAShsT Framework as a model to help us understand how rapid changes made in response to COVID-19 could be sustained to support integrated care initiatives over the longer term. The workshop will then present three mechanisms that the literature suggests are important to leverage as a means to support sustainable change. In Part 2 delegates will be broken into breakout rooms where they will work with a facilitator through questions to help understand sustainability in practice using case examples as well as delegates own experiences. In Part 3 delegates and facilitators will come back to the larger group to share key learnings and discuss in relation to the proposed frameworks and sustainability mechanisms.

Part 1: 30 minutes

Part 2: 30 minutes

Part 3: 30 minutes

The audience:

This workshop will be of interest to researchers, providers, manager and decision-makers seeking to research and spread their own models of care.

Learnings/Take away:

Participants of this workshop will learn:

1.            About critical components of scale and spread in rapid change environments, such as in a pandemic

2.            What we know and what we need to know

3.            How we can engage and collaborate to address knowledge gaps


How to Cite: Steele Gray C. Achieving the Next Level of Integrated Care: Sustaining change during COVID-19 to advance integrated care. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):372. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.
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