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Interprofessional cooperation between family doctors, general practice nurse and community nursing services


Mateja Jurič

Health Centre Zagreb – Centar City Of Zagreb, HR
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Primary medical care is the first step in prevention, early recognition and treating certain kind of diseases. If we want to make it achievable it is necessary to have high-level inter-professional cooperation of health working staff which together makes wider health care team. Through this research, we will try to analyze the level of satisfaction with communication between family doctors, nurses  in family medicine dispensaries and community nurses, also we will try to find the most common reason of cooperation between them. One more thing we have tried to asses is the level of satisfaction in their workplace, so we would be able to get a better insight into what we could do in the future to improve satisfaction and empower a team. The goal of this research is firstly to promote inter-professional cooperation within teams. To secure general satisfaction of every individual in his workplace, and to define and evaluate the actions of community nurses and nurses that work in  family medicine dispensaries  as a team of primary health care. We have put many different health workers in our research group, such as family doctors, community nurses and nurses that work  in family medicine dispensaries that are stationed in Zagreb Centar neighborhood medical centers. As our method for collecting data, we have decided to use questionnaires that we made contain an open and closed (Litkert scale) type of questions. Questioners for family doctors and health visit nurses had 14 questions, and nurses that work in polyclinics got 15 questions. We included a total of 119 health care providers in the study 43 nursing staff, 40 family doctors and 36 nurses in family medicine dispensaries. While processing collected data, we have sorted community nurses and family doctors in two groups (depending on their age) because of better insight into satisfaction with the level of communication inside of the teams of primary health care and health visit service. Research has shown us a weak response rate and disinterest of respondents. Higher satisfaction level was more evident in the narrow team of heal care workers than satisfaction in the general group. There is a pretty poor insight that family doctors have in the scope of work of community nurses. Nurses  in family medicine dispensaries were evenly satisfied with cooperations with family doctors and community nurses. In conclusion, after we have got our results, the encouraging fact was that all groups of respondents were united that there is a will and need to improve inter-professional communication.

How to Cite: Jurič M. Interprofessional cooperation between family doctors, general practice nurse and community nursing services. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):234. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.


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